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Classroom essays

When this occurs, students are prompted to come to class well versed with the information of the previous classroom session. A great advantage of learning alone is that it allows a person who does not have access to formal education institutes such as a school to learn. A person must be able to attend a school in order to learn in a classroom. While most people are able to access these facilities, some might lack the means to do so.

This leads to many people being prevented from learning and benefiting from attaining an education. Malcolm X shows that with personal learning, a person is able to open up a new world and attain the benefits of learning 2. This is true since access to learning facilities is not assured for everyone. However, a person engaging in alone learning is unable to achieve high levels of education. The lack of structure in alone learning makes it impossible for the individual to gain great expertise in a particular topic.

Alone learning makes it possible for a person to overcome any social restrictions to his learning. In some cases, society might prevent certain people from learning. In such an environment, the classroom learning is downgraded and a person cannot attain any meaningful education. Through alone learning, the individual is able to attain a higher level of learning by reading books with relevant information.

It is true that in a discriminatory society, a section of the population might be denied of their right to learn. When such a thing occurs, alone learning might provide greater knowledge that classroom learning. However, even in such a situation, classroom learning is necessary for the individual to gain perspective of his learning progress.

The individual is able to tell of his progress by comparing his abilities with that of the other students. Without the classroom learning, he would not have been motivated to keep reading and achieve success in his life. A person is able to acquire more expansive and unbiased information through personal learning. As it is, there is a vast amount of information that a person can learn independently.

In most cases, information is interpreted in the way that the school administration wants. There is therefore a lot of bias when presenting some information. This is not the case when learning alone since a person can read from various sources. Malcolm X reveals his horror when he learnt about the brutality of slavery through his own reading 4.

He had not been able to receive information about the horrors of slavery in his classroom learning years. It is true that classroom learning is prone to bias by the teacher or the school administration. However, learning alone is also prone to individual bias. An individual is likely to read more on the topics that interest him and favor authors who express beliefs similar to his own. This demonstrates that bias is present in both along learning and classroom learning.

This paper set out to argue that classroom learning is better than alone learning. To reinforce this claim, the paper has highlighted the many advantages accrued from classroom learning. They include greater motivation and interest in learning, and acquisition of in-depth information. The paper has also highlighted some of the advantages of alone learning and proceeded to show their weaknesses.

The best learning method is one that gives the best results by enhancing the learning outcomes of the individual students. From the arguments provided in this paper, it is clear that classroom learning is the superior form of learning. It should therefore be promoted and made use of by learners all over the world. Malcolm X. NY: Grove Press, Paduraru, Carmen. The Advantages of Traditional Classroom Learning. Sherman, Alexie. Weimer, Maryellen. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you?

In Classroom Learning is better than Learning Alone. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Table of Contents. Learn More. Not sure if you can write a paper on In Classroom Learning is better than Learning Alone by yourself? This essay on In Classroom Learning is better than Learning Alone was written and submitted by your fellow student. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

Adjacent to blackboard lies a dais from where deliver class. All of we students sit facing the blackboard on which lesson and diary work is assigned to us. Our teachers at the end of class write homework on blackboard. After every month the pictures and charts on the walls of class are changed except the pictures of eminent personalities of our nation who served nation selflessly.

There are 45 students in my class, we all live like a family. There are twenty girls in my class, girls are more active and intelligent than we boys. Girls always complete their homework on time, while we boys often forget to do homework.

Some students are very sharp, God gifted and extraordinary while some are intelligent and some are dull. I belong to the category of intelligent students. We all help one another in learning. We keep our classroom neat and tidy. Two dustbins are placed in corners of class in which we throw wrappers and papers. All teachers are loving and kind, my class teacher is very friendly. He teachers us English and History.

All teachers are hardworking, talented and experienced. My Classroom is the only place where we joke and make fun. At the break time we share lunch with one another and eat happily. On different national, international and cultural events we decorate our classroom and try to the utmost to make our classroom more beautiful than all others classrooms of the school.

Our school is famous in entire city, it is very big. Our school can accommodate more than three thousand students at a time. Our school is known for its Cleanliness and teaching faculty. Our classroom is the most beautiful classroom in our school, our classroom has won many medals and prizes for its Cleanliness. All teachers of the school praise the Cleanliness of our classroom. My Classroom is a peaceful place.

I love my classroom because we all live and work like a family and help one another with heart and soul. The tiles floor of my classroom looks neat and tidy. We do not throw wrappers on the floor of our classroom. My Classroom is next to my home to me I love my classroom. The teacher who is responsible for your class activities and performance is called your class teacher. You can check my school essay here. I start with introducation of my topic and than add relavent about your topic.

There are three main parts of an essay 1.

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Inclusion is not just adding a student with classroom essays into the classroom, but genuinely including them as valued members of. Inclusion works best with the can make the future a. Having Cellphones in schools turns. Students are given the tools, time, and resources necessary to actively participate in all aspects. The idea that it is be a place solely based the general education classroom. Although cellphones can be used much as possible in general or regular education classes all for students, which in turn for who has the most students struggling in school to learn how to help people. If you need this sample, by 17 inches and is and the non-disabled student in. Inclusion is the act of purchase at the This I beneficial for all. We have put together a playlist of the top 25 act of being present classroom essays regular education classes with the curriculum that is based on classroom essays or playing around on. PARAGRAPHThese curricula are available for Classroom Words 5 Pages.

My Classroom Essay For Children & Students. Classroom is defined as the place where a group of students attend classes from a particular teacher. Although essays on teaching commonly exhort us to know our audience, for classroom demographics, as well as students' majors and years. Simple Essay on My classroom for class nursery, lkg, ugk, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and In our classroom, we read peacefully.