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Esl phd speech topic


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Both degree programs are affordable online doctorates in public policy and administration. There are quite a few international universities that offer online doctorates in economics but here are three universities from the U. Two of the schools are accredited by agencies not recognized by the United States Department of Education. However, they are recognized by the UK and many students who have graduated from these schools have developed the tools necessary to have successful careers in the field of economics.

The degree program brings together the practical aspects of business with economic analysis. It is intended for students who are interested in pursuing careers in research and teaching in business administration or similar economic fields. Unique to the program at AIU is the ability to specialize in the following areas:.

Akamai University offers two options for completing a PhD in Economics. Similar to a PhD, the DrPH is designed for those who are entering careers which involve teaching, research or professional practice. The degree is often focused on interdisciplinary studies whereas the PhD, by contrast, is research-based and focuses on the mastery of a single topic within a public health field.

Though not many online doctorates are available in the field of public health, these three of the best DrPH degrees are offered by top universities. Ranked in National Universities by U. News and World Report, the University of South Florida also has one of the most affordable online doctor of public health degrees available anywhere. The degree program at USF is focused on advancing public health education and prepares graduates to practice in health departments, international agencies and non-profit or community-based organizations among other places of work.

Available concentrations in this degree program are:. Ranked 10 in international universities by U. News and World Report, Johns Hopkins guarantees some of the best overall academic training by top faculty. The DrPH at Johns Hopkins integrates knowledge and analytical skills to produce leaders, program managers and communication professionals as well as focused knowledge within a specific field of public health.

Along with a specialized course of study for each students according to his or her interests, these concentrations are available for students in the DrPH at Johns Hopkins:. One of the top online doctor of public health degrees is offered by the high-ranking University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The online DrPH program offered through the Gillings School of Global Public Health gives students health leadership skills that produce graduates who are effective public health leaders of the future.

The Executive Doctor of Health Leadership degree program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill boasts a high satisfaction rate by graduates of the program and has proved itself as one of the best DrPH degrees available online. Pursuing a doctorate in criminal justice again offers the option between the academic, research oriented PhD and the more practical and professional DCJ or Doctor of Criminal Justice degree. Criminal justice specializations offer graduate students opportunities, in either doctorate, to pursue their interest of choice.

These online options allow those working within the field of criminal justice to pursue their dreams of reaching the highest possible level of education while staying within their workplace. Graduates of the program at Colorado Technical University can pursue work as Sheriffs, Police or Private Detectives, Intelligence Analysts among many other job opportunities.

Focus areas in this program include:. One of the top online doctoral programs for criminal justice is found at California University of Pennsylvania. The doctorate can be completed in 2 year part time work, making it one of the fastest online doctorates as well. An online doctorate with no GRE requirement, the Doctor of Criminal Justice program at Northcentral University has convenient start dates and no residency requirements.

Northcentral offers a one-to-one model of learning that ensures interaction with professors even from a distance. Students learn to encounter and solve real world problems while still developing their managerial and organizational skills. Specialties in the program are:. Online doctorate degrees in philosophy are not widely available as of yet.

Two academic institutions are included here that offer an online doctorate in philosophy. The third from the top university of Loyola, offers a doctorate in bioethics, a subject closely related to philosophy. Graduates of a PhD in Philosophy show a special ability in abstract thinking skills and logic along with a love of finding truth. The course program consists of three academic programs: Seminars, Topological Studies and Independent Studies.

Each of the programs explores the historical relation between ideas and art. Seminars center on the critique of Continental Philosophy. Topological Studies cover the relation between art and ideas in their geographical origins. The last program, independent studies, consists of studying a specific subject such as Western philosophy under the instruction of an expert in that field. The program consists of 3 years of coursework followed by the completion of a dissertation. The online PhD in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies focuses on teaching students to understand global human conditions and needs and to be public intellectuals capable of problem solving in an ever changing world.

The online PhD consists of 36 credits of coursework, 2 comprehensive exams and a dissertation. Students are encouraged to participate in an annual retreat and other programs around the San Francisco Bay Area. Loyola University Chicago, offering a Doctor of Bioethics, is one of the largest Jesuit institutions in the country. The Doctorate in Bioethics is one of the first of its kind available online. The degree program is designed for professionals who are seeking advanced training in bioethics to meet the growing demand at health institutions.

The degree is offered as a hybrid doctorate which combines online courses with days of on-campus activity. The PhD in theology and ThD are considered equivalent degrees. Both require a dissertation, are research based, and are degrees in theology. The ThD, however, is focused on Christian theology and is often offered by a Seminary or Christian college or university.

The PhD in Theology is usually offered by a liberal arts institution. The following three doctorates are some of the best online doctorates in theology available, based among other things, on their high rate of retention which is correlated with a high rate of student satisfaction. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary provides a PhD program in Theology that allows pastors, chaplains, church leaders, authors and scholars to specialize and become an expert in an area of theology.

The program emphasizes biblical and non-biblical languages, research and critical thinking. Certain aspects of the program such as orientation, comprehensive examinations and the dissertation defense must be performed on campus.

PhD Majors include:. The Doctor of Philosophy in Renewal Theology offered by Regent University is conveniently located online with a two-week residency at Virginia Beach every semester. The program is designed to give graduates a foundation in Biblical knowledge and relate that knowledge to counseling. The degree program is designed for pastors and counselors to assist parishioners and other individuals. The degree program requires 40 credit hours to complete and is also one of the least expensive online ThD programs available.

A PhD in Communication may well be one of the most versatile and useful terminal degrees. To develop the ability to effectively communicate, whether in the most basic ways, with writing and speech, or in more advanced ways through the ever changing modes of communication that come along with technological development, is one of the most foundational aspects of human interaction.

Researching communication processes advances knowledge in the field of communication and is vital to the success of any organization. These three of the best online PhDs in communication will assist professionals to reach the top of their communication potential. The program is designed around mastering rhetoric, technical communication writing and composition. Students engage with topics involving history, theory, research, genres and the practice of technical communication.

Graduates will have gained the ability to conduct independent research. The program has been designed to keep up with the new and continuously changing modes of communication that our technological society introduces. The PhD is also focused on research and theory giving graduates a deeper understanding and knowledge of communications.

Graduates go on to become researchers, college professors or entrepreneurs and can be successful in a myriad of fields and business opportunities. Designed to assist students in becoming better communicators and scholars in communication, the PhD in Communication program at Regent College is one of the most affordable doctorates available from a private university.

The program is based on interdisciplinary training in teaching, scholarly writing and research. Communication studies are explored on these foundations through a Christian worldview. Graduates are prepared to become successful teachers, writers, speakers and leaders of thought across various business settings. The PhD in Communication at Regent is offered completely online with the exception of a one week summer residency.

Most often used in the business world, the doctorate of management is for those who would like to learn how to research business and management methods, analyze the experiences that are a natural part of management roles, compare and contrast various aspects of managing as well as become capable of leading an organization or groups within an organization toward success and harmony of effort.

A doctorate in management can be pursued through a D. The three doctorates listed below are some of the best online doctorates in management available. The Doctor of Business Administration with a focus in management offered by George Fox University is a hybrid program requiring two in-person sessions in Newberg, Oregon each year. The program is geared toward business professionals who may want to transition from their current work into becoming professors or management consultants. Besides academic or professional advancement, the degree program offers students the opportunity to be enriched by a deeper knowledge of leadership.

The University of Missouri — St. Louis, ranked 97 nationally by U. News and World Report offers one of the best online Doctor of Business Administration degree programs. The DBA allows research concentration in any area of business including management.

A cohort program, the DBA does require monthly visits to campus but all coursework is available online. According to their website, the University of Missouri — St. A doctoral degree in political science instructs recipients in subjects involving political and social situations which affect individual countries and how they relate throughout the world.

Skills in analytical thinking, data interpretation and problem solving create professionals in political science who are ready to tackle and provide solutions for political issues. A political scientist may work for government, public relations, post-secondary schools or as an analyst or researcher. Currently, pursuing an online doctorate in the subject of political science can only occur through international institutions or regional universities which may still require regional accreditation.

However, these options offer credible doctorates in the field of political science. The online Doctor of International Political Economy, offered at the World Executive Education Institute, gives individuals the chance to learn more about the inner workings of the global workplace.

The degree teaches critical thinking skills as well as an understanding of various cultures. It also focuses on granting research skills and communication ability. The online Doctor of International Political Economy prepares graduates for positions in either public, nonprofit or private sectors which are working in international affairs. The program is not centralized around one country but reflects a global approach to diplomacy and international affairs.

It is one of the least expensive doctorates in political science, being subsidized by scholarship opportunities and also requires no residency. The third political science doctorate on this list is an international degree offered through Selinus University of Science and Literature in Bologna, Italy.

Accredited by the World Council for Regular and Distance Education, Selinus University follows an international schedule of learning which is not semester based but rather assists students to develop independent research culminating in a final thesis which must be completed in 24 months.

Concentration availabilities include:. Similar to a doctoral degree in public policy is the doctoral program in public administration. A public administration degree focuses more on managing personnel, agendas and schedules. Studying topics like financial management would fit more within a public administration degree. A degree in public policy, on the other hand, concentrates more on the analyzing and interpreting of data as well as implementing policies and budgets.

Because there is a great deal of overlap between the degree programs, the following online doctorates will involve the study of both public policy and public administration. The online Doctor of Public Administration degree from Valdosta State University is a practice based degree which offers a variety of focus areas including those within public policy. Designed for professionals who want to advance in government, non-government or non-profit careers, the DPA from Valdosta concentrates on skills such as leadership, communication, management and problem-solving.

One of the top online Doctor of Public Administration degrees, the DPA from West Chester University was created to meet the needs of professionals wishing to advance in the practice of public policy and administration. Course focus areas center around developing competency in the areas of strategic management, public sector economic and financial decision-making and policy advocacy and leadership.

The unique focuses of the program include public policy analysis, critical thinking and applied quantitative reasoning and qualitative analysis. Sociology is basically the study of human interaction. Human interaction involves social relationships within small groups and larger groups in cities, countries and even international affairs.

The study of social interaction can include the subjects of history, economics, social work, anthropology, psychology and many other specific areas in which people interact. Those interested in pursuing the study of sociology on the highest levels have many options to pursue depending on their area of interest. Online doctorates in sociology are not as easily available as they likely will be in the future, but these three doctorates from universities ranked in the top by U.

News and World Report give great options for launching a successful career as a doctor of sociology. The online Doctorate of Social Work from the University of Kentucky is designed for practitioners in social work to become experts in their field. It is a demanding, high-quality program which combines study of complex contemporary social situations with advanced experience in specialized populations.

Courses in the doctorate are taught online at the pace of each student. The flexibility of the courses allows students to advance through the program at their own pace. An exception to these asynchronous classes is a one residency week during each summer. Concentrations available include:. The online DSW offers professionals practical experience in solving social challenges that impact marginalized or disadvantaged populations.

The doctorate is designed to promote the discipline of a scholar with the methodological tools of a successful practitioner. One of the top-rated national universities, the University of Pennsylvania provides an online Doctorate in Social Work for working professionals. The Doctorate in Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania grants specific knowledge in an area related to social work practice chosen by the student.

Dietitians or experts in nutrition have studied which nutrients humans need to thrive and how to regulate a diet successfully. Doctors of nutrition can help those with medical conditions, allergies or other special dietary needs to successfully accommodate their diets to produce positive results. Dietitians are healthcare professionals who are trained and licensed in the field of nutrition.

A doctorate of nutrition can be pursued through a PhD research based or a DCN doctor of clinical nutrition. These online options allow working professionals to conveniently achieve a terminal degree in nutrition.

Designed for registered dietitian nutritionists, the online Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, according to the Rutgers University website, was the first Advanced Practice Clinical Doctorate in the United States. The program is focused on advancing the pursuit of clinical practice in nutrition by providing expert skills in its doctoral students.

Other focus areas include critical thinking and scientific aptitude. Saybrook University, a school founded to integrate human learning experiences, offers a fully online PhD in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. The program looks to assist students and graduates to further scientific research in the field of nutrition. The degree program begins with an evidence-based foundation and builds upon this basis with a knowledge of biochemistry in order to allow professionals to accurately assess nutritional needs.

Unique to the doctoral program at Saybrook University is the holistic approach of evaluating physiological, social, environmental and psychological science while pursuing dietetic inquiry. Online PhD programs in Organizational Leadership are designed for people wanting to move into top-level management positions. The top online PhD programs commonly focus upon business management, but holders of the PhD in Organizational Leadership also work in a variety of fields.

Organizational leadership skills include, in addition to business management, diversity, ethics, research, collaboration, among many others. This online doctorate is designed to be completed in three or four years. This top online doctorate focuses on the process of workplace learning; developmental strategies for workplace learning; and organization system creation.

This online doctorate can be completed in only three years, including dissertation. To speed up the process of earning this degree and make it a more interactive process, local cohorts provide face to face contact with peers and university faculty assist dissertation preparation and research from the outset of the program.

Graduates from this degree program earn an interdisciplinary degree open to a great number of careers. Graduates work in business, education, government, for profits, and non-profits institutions. This fully online doctorate can be completed in just over two years. If you are interested in virtually everything, a degree in Humanities might be just the educational path you should take.

Like its cognates human and humane , the Humanities study several features of human society and culture. These include history, language, religious and cultural customs, art, technology and its uses, cross-cultural relations, law, literature, and many other aspects of human life.

A doctorate in Humanities from one of these top online PhD programs in Humanities will provide you with the most advance level of knowledge and research in the many fields of the Humanities. Graduates with a degree in Humanities are prepared for a surprisingly wide range of careers, from business to law, research and teaching to social work and political action, and many, many other fields.

Graduates with a doctorate in Humanities often go on to work in government, education, social work, and law. They also go on to pursue degrees in different fields based on the strong foundation that they have gained in their Humanities studies. This online PhD program requires only forty-two credits, and coursework is designed to be completed in two years. Over the two years of coursework, students engage in four, seven-day residencies along with the rest of their academic cohort.

The human-technology relationship forms the central focus of this degree program. Students chose a particular topic of interest early in the degree program, which they continue to explore in the light of the university curriculum and vision.

This online PhD program is specifically designed for working professionals, looking to complement their previous education and improve their employment experience. Low tuition makes this top PhD program also one of the cheapest online PhDs in the field of Humanities. The entire online PhD in Humanities is designed to be completed in three to five years.

This degree is designed for graduate students and professional looking to explore topics of focus in an interdisciplinary manner. Beyond this, students complete twenty credits in core requirements. The degree is completed through a doctoral dissertation or a capstone project. Pursuing a doctorate in English can lead down many paths. Naturally, not all top online PhD programs will map directly onto these three categories, and within each program there will be a great deal of overlap across common areas.

The top online PhDs in English we have selected provide a full range of career path possibilities, open to employment in research, teaching, cultural studies, history, consultation, communications, public relations, technical writing, and many others. As an online education doctorate, it is designed for literacy and language practitioners to deal with twenty-first century issues that touch upon literature education, criticism, literary genres and cultures, global impact of English language and literature in its reception.

This top online doctorate is one of the shortest doctoral programs online in English. Following a cohort schedule, the degree program requires sixty credit hours and a dissertation. The top online PhD in English that Old Dominion University offers features a complex interface between modern research and statistical technologies with classical study of language, literature, and communication.

Classes are delivered, with a strong interdisciplinary methodology, in a synchronous format. The program is designed to allow students to construct their own specialized courses of study and apply technology to research. These areas of study address the art of persuasive communication across virtually every area of human life and activity. Teachers in the field of Special Education work with those who have mental, emotional, physical, or learning disabilities.

A PhD in Special Education prepares educators for careers as teachers, administrators, curriculum and program design, among many other areas related to special education. Earning a doctorate in special education will provide special education practitioners with greater knowledge and skill in the field of special education that will improve their performance and enrich their experience as well as open up higher-level positions of influence and responsibility.

Special Education practitioners work in extremely diverse contexts, in a great number of economic, cultural, geographical settings. Because of the massive diversity of this field and the broad spectrum of special needs, PhD programs will offer specialized courses of study that will best prepare their students for the specific requirements of the careers they will be entering.

The program, designed to be completed in three to five years, equips education leaders to manage the social, legal, technological, and educational challenges and complexities facing modern educators and educational institutions. Accepted applicants join a cohort. The structure of the coursework is tailored to part-time students. All degree requirements are completed online, and there are zero on-site obligations. This degree does not require a dissertation as an EdD, and its fifty-four credits along with a capstone project takes an average of three years to complete.

This sixty-six credit-hour program in Educational Management offers a specialization in Special Education. Hampton U is unique because is one of the shortest doctoral programs online in Special Education. Its accelerated format allows the degree to be completed in just 2. Information Science deals with the ins and out of information or data. This means that information scientists work in classifying, organizing, storing, retrieving, exchanging, protecting, transferring of information.

Information Science is indispensable in modern society. Governments, businesses, schools, military and intelligence organizations, and many other organizations and institutions make constant use of information technology. The PhD in Information Science is designed to provide current practitioners who want to move into higher positions, such as management, or who want to move into teaching and research, the additional knowledge and skills needed to make a change. This degree program is quite intense, requiring 72 credits and averaging four to five years to finish.

This online PhD program gives special focus to equipping its students with the knowledge and skills needed to move into research positions. Most often graduates from the University at Buffalo go on to take jobs as professors of Information Science, researchers at profit and non-profit institutions, and senior managers of large public and university libraries. This top online PhD program offers both fully online and blended formats of course delivery.

This provides students with a great deal of flexibility. This top online PhD seeks to prepare Information Scientists that have a clear vision of the centrality of information and information technology ready to advance Information Science research and manage major information repositories. This is because their field of research and their research topic are given a focus from the outset of the program. This program is also designed to allow students to earn their doctorate in Information Science from a top online PhD program on a part-time basis without disrupting their lives.

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