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You can help! Thank you for suggesting a definition! Only you will see it until the Cambridge Dictionary team approves it, then other users will be able to see it and vote on it. See your definition. Add a definition. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. Price hold an assignable lease of the factory and its future use rests in their hands.

For this reason, the rights are not assignable or transmissible during the lifetime of the performer. He may well have taken an assured tenancy on the basis that his lease was freely assignable. That section has served the commercial world very well indeed and leases are freely assignable without much restriction.

Other weaker spectral features are assignable to aromatic ring modes and proteins. From the Cambridge English Corpus. To have a reasonable calculus one needs two sorts of variables: assignable and non- assignable. For instance, it can be assumed that only integers and booleans are assignable to mutable reference cells. In particular, the denotation of a term is the filter of types properties assignable to the term. The term 'music' is increasingly losing its identification with any sense of a fixed, quantifiable or assignable object be it a score, performance or recording.

There are many cases of distantly related homologues assignable from shared structures with no recognizable relationship between the sequences. The upper and lower boundaries for each parameter could be preset or adjusted in real-time using a number of assignable controllers. It should be straightforward to add purely classical features such as functions and assignable variables.

Third, behavioral genetics and twin studies have emerged as powerful methodologic approaches to ascertaining the proportions of outcome variance assignable to genetic versus environmental forces. Not every take was clearly assignable to a specific square, since some streets spanned several squares and as previously mentioned, the doubtful ones were omitted from the data used.

The duties of the remainder are not superior to those appropriately assignable to the clerical class. If a document is by its nature assignable , the assignee can assign as well as the original assignor. This is not something which makes it into an assignable document.

For instance, are they assignable and do they pass in bankruptcy or do they not? BETA Add a definition. Part of speech Choose noun, verb, etc. Submit Cancel. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Can you avoid these frequent mistakes? Test your visual vocabulary with our question Login or Register. Save Word. Definition of assign Entry 1 of 2. Definition of assign Entry 2 of 2.

Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for assign Synonyms: Verb charge , commission , entrust also intrust , task , trust Visit the Thesaurus for More. Choose the Right Synonym for assign Verb ascribe , attribute , assign , impute , credit mean to lay something to the account of a person or thing. Examples of assign in a Sentence Verb The teacher assigned us 50 math problems for homework!

She was assigned to the embassy in India. The new teacher was assigned to the science laboratory. The plane landed at its assigned gate. Recent Examples on the Web: Verb The Cleveland Heights Police Department will assign several officers to participate in the task force, which will have one early focus on mental health crisis responses that can include police.

First Known Use of assign Verb 13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1 Noun 15th century, in the meaning defined above. Learn More About assign. Time Traveler for assign The first known use of assign was in the 13th century See more words from the same century. Dictionary Entries Near assign assiege assiento assiette assign assignat assignation assigned risk See More Nearby Entries. Style: MLA. English Language Learners Definition of assign. Kids Definition of assign.

Legal Definition of assign Entry 1 of 2. Legal Definition of assign Entry 2 of 2. Get Word of the Day daily email!

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Mentioned in? References in classic literature? View in context. There were local tales of his having exerted his powers of prognosis, or perhaps you would say diagnosis; and it was said that in every instance the person whose friends he had warned had died suddenly at the appointed time, and from no assignable cause.

Without the slightest assignable reason, however, his just expectations were disappointed. In England alone, the incomprehensible and discourteous custom prevails of keeping the host and the dinner waiting for half an hour or more--without any assignable reason and without any better excuse than the purely formal apology that is implied in the words, "Sorry to be late.

And now I had awakened, without any assignable cause, hours before my usual time. The date, I may thus say, in regard to the remoteness of its antiquity, cannot be less than any assignable quantity whatsoever. Catherick, would express itself in petty malice rather than not express itself at all appeared to me to be the only assignable cause for the peculiar insolence of her reference to Mrs. There were sentries posted to keep the ground for the troops, and servants on the batteries keeping places for the ladies, and sergeants running to and fro, with vellum-covered books under their arms, and Colonel Bulder, in full military uniform, on horseback, galloping first to one place and then to another, and backing his horse among the people, and prancing, and curvetting, and shouting in a most alarming manner, and making himself very hoarse in the voice, and very red in the face, without any assignable cause or reason whatever.

There was, at least, an assignable motive for the first stipulation; there appeared to be none whatever for the last. The purity of the Patagonian salt, or absence from it of those other saline bodies found in all sea-water, is the only assignable cause for this inferiority: a conclusion which no one, I think, would have suspected, but which is supported by the fact lately ascertained, [3] that those salts answer best for preserving cheese which contain most of the deliquescent chlorides.