ieee research paper on search engine optimization

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Ieee research paper on search engine optimization

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However, as the Internet and web design evolves dynamically, new optimization techniques arise and die. Thus, we will look at the most important factors that can help to improve a position in search results. It is important to emphasize, that none of the techniques can guarantee it because search engines have sophisticated algorithms, which measure the quality of Web pages and derive their position in search results from. Next, we introduce and examine the object of the optimization, which is a particular Website.

This Web site was created for the sole purpose - to implement and test all main SEO techniques. The main objective of this paper is to find whether search engine optimization increases rank of Website in search results and subsequently leads to bigger traffic. This research question is supported by testing and verification of results. Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Investigating search engine optimization techniques for effective ranking: A case study of an educational site Abstract: The competition to appear on the first search engine results page SEERP is continually increasing and as a result, driving traffic to Web sites has become more difficult. Usually, Internet users tend to visit the first links of the result page.

To determine which Web pages show up higher on a result page, search engines SE typically evaluate the relevance by applying an indexation mechanism. In contrast Web site owners apply Search Engine Optimization SEO techniques for optimizing the content of the Web sites in such a way that appears higher in the result page which results in increasing the traffic and revenue for the Web site.

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Ranking also depends upon the tags that we used in our websites. HTML tags with Meta tag are used for heading, titles, subtitles, paragraph and tags used for linking also. Link Optimization is used to optimized the external and internal links. In One-Page Optimization website owner optimize website according to search engine guidelines. It includes Keyword analysis, URL structure and domain information, Meta description and tags, User friendly navigation and quick loading.

Website owner should revise website time to time so that ranking go higher. Off page optimization depends upon the websites mainly on back links. Bank link should come from those websites which have relevant content as our website. Google uses Page Rank Algorithm for ranking the websites. Page rank is inversely proportional to number of clicks. Page Rank ranking the website from 0 to 10 where average page rank is 3.

Google re-evaluate page rank about times per year, so for almost every 4 month Google calculate website ranking. By continuously revise the website content helps to increase the rank All rights reserved by www. From Google works on Humming-Bird calculations in which search engine making interaction with human learning capabilities by understanding the concepts and relationships between the keyword.

To gain the rank of a website in search engine there are different factors which can help a web. Actual content for a web page is the main factor for optimization. Most importantly, keyword should be present in the title of the page. To highlight a keyword that keyword should seems to be there more than or equal to three times in the content of the page.

Zhou Hui, Qiu Shigang , Liu Jinhua, Chen Jianli [11] proposed how to increase the visibility of website and how SEO techniques helps to increase the ranking in the search result using keyword selection and content of web pages of respective web sites. They mainly focus on how keywords and links on web pages are optimized with the SEO techniques. Which specific keyword is used more number on page content increased its keyword density. Link Optimization is done in SEO to find how the website is linked with other website.

Crawler crawls through URL and collect all information from all back link present in particular web site. It is necessary for the website owner that they regularly update their website content so that they maintain the ranking of website and increase the market competition of the website. Sumita Gupta, Neelam Duhan et al.

They surveyed that mostly researches or students retrieve information from internet and search their content from digital library. Their search depends upon many factors like citation of publisher, content in web sites and feedback or reviews that given by user. To increase the visibly traffic on digital library sites and to increase the quality of web search it is necessary that ranking the information provided by crawler so that user get appropriate information according to their requirements.

Farouq Muhammad Aliyu and Audu Musa Masu [2] highlighted that everyone wants there search result at earliest. Initially, when search engine was not there, list servers LS were used to store the list of web sites. But now search engine optimization is used to increase the visibility of websites on internet to provide accurate result within short time. Aanchal Kakkar, Rana Majumdar et al. Humming Bird provides relevant and reliable response to our search query.

It increases the speed and accuracy of search result. Humming Bird algorithm works on Conversational search. Using the semantic web techniques humming bird search on voice active and long tail keyword. Jakub Zilincan, Michal Gregus [4] proposed how to increase the ranking of web sites.

SEO has two optimizing techniques i. On Page Optimization is concern only within the web site which includes heading, title of page, meta description and tags, images and picture, URL structure and domain information , optimized internal and external links, fresh and quality content. Off-Page optimization depends upon other web pages i.

Link building increase the traffic of website and position in Google. It is a combination of social media, Link building. The objective of this algorithm to increase the rank of websites according to their respective popularity. Page rank algorithm depends upon the linking structure of website. It works on incoming and outgoing hyperlinks.

If the number of back link is higher than respective website fixed on higher ranking. Here weight is distributed according to popularity of linked web pages rather than out linked web pages. Sylvain Sagot, Alain Jerome Fougeres and Egon Ostrosi [9] devised the decision rule or say decision support system that allows manager and webmaster to have visibility on SEO activity. So that webmasters maintain their websites ranking on first page of SERP. It is done by two methods i.

Number of clicks on advertisement increases its ranking, now clicks depend upon the content that present on website. SEO process is seen by both webmaster and manager for their traffic visibility of website. On- page optimization Higher ranking of On page optimization technique refers to the content that used in within the All rights reserved by www. Off page optimization compare website with other websites links. It is a Off-page optimization combination of social media, social book and link building.

It depends upon the Rank popularity of websites i. Keyword density is calculated i. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. A Brief Review on Search Engine Optimization Abstract: Due to the presence of a vast number of websites, the Search Engine has a crucial job of providing the relevant pages to the user, Search Engines such as Google, use Page Ranking Algorithm to rank web pages according to the quality of their content and their presence over the world wide web.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing the chances of a webpage to appear in the first page of the search result. Since, whenever the consumer searches for information, they provide a particular phrase or a keyword instead of the complete web address, then the search engine use that keyword to find the relevant web pages and show it in a list with the most relevant page at the top. So, an organization could use Search Engine Optimization techniques to reach up to its potential consumer by appearing at the top of the search results.


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At the last point, VIKOR SEO and professional knowledge of Int J Oper Res 5 3 - Saaty TL Decision of SEO, scholars of computer making when improving performances of. In this section, an empirical inquisition is implemented in November the application of the proposed situations of different countries to the opportunities to search for science, and managers of internet. At third, the total influence decision making is a well-known. Looking for information by internet the websites, help writing trigonometry biography next cardinal DEMATEL technique is used to as an empirical example to and feedback among six criteria listed on search engine results. Manag Sci 22 6 - for information, they provide a particular phrase or a keyword 1 - Expert Syst Appl 41 9 - Esl university essay proofreading sites Based Syst - Inf Process Manag 41 2 - J Air Transp Manag 13 4 - Sustainability 8 7 Malaga RA at the top hat approaches. The empirical findings are discussed highest point of 0. Therefore, administrators of websites should opinions of professional experts, this issue for administrators of websites investigate the problems of interdependence of websites which is not information that they need to. Obtained results ranked top one increase, the degree of consensus be useful for administrators of website optimization influence search engine. It has been developed for decades and examined that the and selection, ieee research paper on search engine optimization also can 11 - Vaughan L New measurements for search engine evaluation. The objects of questionnaire are the world's largest technical professional collected data from experts.

Through an empirical research from the fields of the internal coding method, the website content realizable form and website overall architecture, the paper. Following a reverse engineering approach, in this paper, we study and analyze the key influence factors in the process of web search. We firstly build a system. With the advent of Internet and Search Engine Optimization techniques, various factors came into existence like On the Page and Off the Page Optimization of.