preemption thesis

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Preemption thesis caltech thesis binding

Preemption thesis

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It exemplifies the situation in which the laws and principles of contracts, particularly the uniform laws and principles formulated for transnational sales, can exclude or limit tort liability. This study does not object to the recognition of concurrency of claims under contract and tort law. Tort liability could be actionable insofar as the actions or words, or even their omission, trigger the requirements of tort claims developed in many legal systems.

However, when the uniform law of contracts interacts with tort laws in disputes arising from cross-border transactions, the rules and principles provided under the uniform law, as well as its purposes, justifiably give priority to such a unified law, which is considered a part of binding contract law.

In particular, the doctrine of party autonomy legitimately and considerably influences the extent to which the uniform law of contracts affects or modifies liability available under tort law. Using the relationship between the CISG and US tort law, this thesis illustrates both the situation where uniform contract law and domestic tort law govern the matters in question concurrently, as well as the circumstances in which the uniform law can be said to be dominant.

On one hand, this thesis recognizes the importance of the elements of extra-contractual obligation and non-contractual interests under tort law, and thus supports the right to parallel tort claims. Based on doctrinal perspective and policy concerns, this study adopts the existing approach of acknowledging the substantive scope and aims of the CISG in determining whether and to what extent the CISG has a preemptive effect on domestic tort claims, or whether there is a concurrence of a domestic tort claim based on domestic law and a contractual claim based on the CISG.

The chosen approach recommends that tribunals consider the actual scope of the CISG and its purposes to see whether the alleged matter of the tort claim, in essence, falls under its scope. If it does, the CISG has a preemptive effect on the alleged matter. This is because such a solution accords with both the general obligation to give effect to the binding uniform law for international sales, as well as the functions of national tort law in regulating extra-contractual conduct and compensating for the loss of extra-contractual interests, thereby establishing a proper division of functions between the CISG and tort law.

Finding an existing Article or Note on your topic can even be a blessing—you can mine its footnotes for sources that you may have overlooked, and it may raise unanswered questions that you can address or call for further research that you can supply. Being preempted is frustrating and can be a tremendous waste of your efforts. Therefore, it is critical for you to perform a thorough preemption check periodically while working on your Note.

You should aim to locate and review every published source on your topic. Be sure to check the following sources:. Students often think they are preempted but later discover that they can make plenty of original and useful contributions to the scholarly literature with the research they have already done. Can you distinguish the new source? You might think that it addresses your topic at first glance but discover that it is actually different from yours in some relevant way.

Can you reframe your Note? Even if you find a source that makes your central argument, you may have analyzed the background law more accurately, or done more comprehensive research, or extended your analysis to new jurisdictions. Or you may find that the existing analysis is outdated and that yours incorporates significant new developments. If so, you can avoid doing new research or changing your arguments if you shift your focus to the other contributions your Note makes.

Are there errors or weak arguments in the piece you are worried about? A surprising amount of published legal scholarship is sloppy. Your original contribution may be your superior execution of the research project. Does the newly discovered publication or case leave new questions unresolved? With a little work, you should be able to incorporate the publication or case into your analysis, adjust your thesis, and create a novel piece of scholarship that builds on the existing literature.

Do you disagree with the arguments or conclusions that the newly discovered source presents? Even if the source is flawless, you can contribute to the debate by taking a position no one else has. Good scholarship is often designed to provoke a debate, so you can bet that there is room to disagree with most authors. It is possible but unlikely that none of these strategies will work for you.

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Preemption Thesis. › /05 › raz-and-argument-fro. According to the Preemption Thesis, authoritative directives purport to replace the subject's judgments about what she should do.