acoustic sound research paper

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Acoustic sound research paper sample research paper with works cited page

Acoustic sound research paper

Control of the sonic environment can span from an innovative building envelope to smart interior components, mechanical systems, or effective management of occupancy in the indoor environment. Control can also include mitigation of urban noise and the design of acoustically restorative areas in the outdoor environment.

Furthermore, during the current COVID pandemic, the control of acoustics in the built environment has changed. The restrictions on large gatherings have modified both indoor and outdoor acoustic environments; similarly, social distancing measures and the use of face masks have prompted the adoption of new conscious or unconscious communication habits that affect our quality of life.

Although many criteria and guidelines have been developed to acoustically condition the different sonic experiences, often they are based only on limited perceptual evidence. For instance, guidelines on classroom acoustics include few objective parameter ranges e. In this Research Topic, we would like to showcase that the quality of life can be changed and improved by the acoustics of the built environment. We would like to address the complexity of the interactions of the users and their sonic environments in a specified indoor or outdoor setting.

This Research Topic aims to set a research background for the impact of the sonic environment on people. Arianna Astolfi, Dr. Louena Shtrepi, and Dr. Giuseppina Emma Puglisi are members of PR. The other Topic Editors declare no competing interests with regard to the Research Topic subject. Important Note : All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements.

Frontiers reserves the right to guide an out-of-scope manuscript to a more suitable section or journal at any stage of peer review. This result has implications for the understanding of scattering from black holes. The note A tuned to Hz only became the norm for musical performance in after decades of international and interdisciplinary disputes. Fanny Gribenski retraces this rocky path. Advanced search. Skip to main content Thank you for visiting nature. Research 14 July Open Access Using dense seismo-acoustic network to provide timely warning of the paroxysmal Stromboli eruptions A.

Le Pichon , C. Hereil Scientific Reports 11 , Research 22 June Open Access Acoustoelectronic nanotweezers enable dynamic and large-scale control of nanomaterials Precise and dynamic manipulation of nano-objects on a large scale has been challenging. Nature Communications 12 , Nature Physics 17 , Nature Materials 20 , Nature Physics 16 , Sushkov Nature Physics 15 , Search Search articles by subject, keyword or author.

The acoustics of the environment in which we live influence our health, comfort, performance, and well-being.

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Genetic engineering advantages and disadvantages essay Operating deflection modes in five conventional and two unconventional violins Can we hear letter writer geometrical measures of a violin? Envelopment, envelopment, envelopment. The rate at which the string vibrates up and down is known as its frequency. All three elements are necessary in order for sound to occur. Further enquiries can be directed to Professor Brian Mace. Tahara, Yasuhiko; Shimoda, Hidemaro.
Professional dissertation abstract ghostwriter for hire for masters Latest change Acoustics Research Paper Topics. Our experience on the subjective perception in concert halls. Commins, Daniel. Bradley: Evolution of newer auditorium acoustics parameters.
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Resume examples mortgage consultants However, they can mostly sense forces along only a single direction. Rooms for music — Acoustical needs and requirementsby J H Rindel Research 14 July Open Access. Concert hall acoustics Part 1. An in-depth analysis of the double bass to stage floor contact paper by Guettler, Askenfelt and Buen. Welcome to the Paper Session on akutek.
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The SEL producing the hearing dampening effect was low compared to previous other odontocete hearing change efforts with each individual trial equal t Expectancy and conditioned hearing levels in the bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus. The hearing sensitivity of a bottlenose dolphin for a warning sound, when the exact time of the arrival of a loud sound could, or could not, be predicted was measured. Sensitivity was measured when the time of the onset of the loud sound Sensitivity was measured when the time of the onset of the loud sound was randomly varied random-variation sessions and when the time of the onset of the loud and the pattern of stimulus levels was constant fixed-stimulus sessions.

The loud sound was kept the same in both of the series. Hearing sensitivity was measured using the auditory evoked potential method with rhythmic trains of short pips as test stimuli. With randomly varied warning sounds, thresholds before the loud sound were on average With fixed warning signals, thresholds were on average 4. Considering that the loud sounds were identical, the di Prevalence of signs and symptoms of mandibular dysfunction among adults aged 25, 35, 50 and 65 years in Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Acoustic comparison of soprano solo and choir singing. Analytical and experimental investigation on vibrating membranes with a central point support. Pots, Pans, and the Ends of Civil Disobedience. The opening scenes of Burma Spring 21 are deafening. Since the s, when opponents of Since the s, when opponents of Louis Philippe I of France banged pots against his regime, it has become a key form of political protest across the world.

Development of a test environment to evaluate performance of modern hearing aid features. Silencing the war all the better to hear it: Renoir's La Grande Illusion La Grande Illusion is consistently used to both individualize the characters eg the obsessive La Grande Illusion is consistently used to both individualize the characters eg the obsessive punning of the actor [Julien Carette] and to Changes in teachers' speech during a working day with and without electric sound amplification.

This increase has been found to be greater among teachers with fewer This increase has been found to be greater among teachers with fewer voice complaints. Five Icelandic teachers mean age 51 years volunteered as subjects. Classroom speech was recorded with a portable DAT recorder and a head-mounted microphone first in ordinary conditions, and the next week while using electrical sound amplification.

Recordings were made during the first and the last lesson of the hardest working day of the week. F 0 and SPL were analyzed. An increase in F 0 and SPL was found during the working day in both teaching conditions but the change was larger and for F 0 statistic Pulsed microwave induced light, sound, and electrical discharge enhanced by a biopolymer.

Pulsed microwave induced bioeffects. Related Topics. Game Spaces. Follow Following. Narrative and Design. Rossing, Yoo, Morrison: Acoustics of percussion instruments: An update. Furuya et al: The influence of total and directional energy of late sound on listener envelopment. J Bradley: Using ISO measures, and their extensions, to evaluate acoustical conditions in concert halls. M Morimoto and K Iida: Appropriate frequency bandwidth in measuring interaural cross-correlation as a physical measure of auditory apparent source width ASW.

Y Lam: Issues for computer modelling of room acoustics in non-concert hall settings. M Nagata : Design problems of concert hall acoustics. M Nagata : Active sound field control systems in auditoriums - Expectations and precautions. Hanyu and Hoshi: Relationship between reflected sound density and mean free path in consideration of room shape complexity. Manfred R. Schroeder : Advances in architectural acoustics. T Lokki Subjective comparison of four concert halls based on binaural impulse responses.

Imaging concert hall acoustics using visual and audio cameras. Allen and Berkley: Image method for efficiently simulating small-room acoustics. B Martin: What is the transmission loss of an open window? S Douady et al: The song of the dunes as a self-synchronized instrument.

Bradley: Evolution of newer auditorium acoustics parameters. R Lacatis: Historical and chronological evolution of the concert hall acoustics parameters. Luxemburg et al: Stage acoustics: Experiments on 7 stages of concert halls in the Netherlands.

Klosak and Gade: Relationship between room shape and acoustics of rectangular concert halls. Zerhan Karabiber: Acoustical Problems in Mosques. Altinsoy and Blauert Do we feel what we hear? Louder perceived as stronger though force is unchanged. Ronsse and Wang: Impacts of classroom acoustics on elementary student achievement. Wulfrank et al: Recent experiences with vibration of stage and audience floors in concert halls.

Jofre et al: Evaluation of stage acoustics preference for a singer using oral-binaural room impulse responses. Ko et al: Augmented stage support in ensemble performance using virtual acoustics technology. Y Ando: Autocorrelation-based features for speech representation. Huttunen et al: Symphony orchestra musicians' use of hearing protection and attenuation of custom-made hearing protectors as measured with two different real-ear attenuation at threshold methods.

A Vink: Music and Emotion: - a relationship between music psychology and music therapy. Mirowska and Czyzewski: Estimation of sound absorption coefficients of porous materials. Choisel and Wickelmaier: Auditory attributes of multichannel sound and objective parameters.

Gade: Room acoustic properties of concert halls: quantifying the influence of size, shape and absorption area. M Long: What is so special about shoebox halls? Envelopment, envelopment, envelopment. Gade: Sound levels in rehearsal and medium sized concert halls; are they too loud for the musicians? Jordan: 45 years in acoustics: A personal account.

Wenmaekers, Hak and Hornikx: The effective air absorption coefficient for predicting reverberation time in full octave bands. Savioja and Svensson: Overview of geometrical room acoustic modeling techniques. BBC research and development. T Sommerville Acoustic measurements in Aberdeen studios.

Sommerville, Gilford and Beadle Subjective comparison of concert halls. T Sommerville Sound level distribution in concert halls. T Sommerville, Visit to Switzerland. T Sommerville: Visit to Scandinavia T Sommerville Architectural Acoustics and the Arts. BBC research report The choice and location of sound absorbers. De Vries: Spatial fluctuations in measures for spaciousness external source. Griesinger: Objective measures of spaciousness and envelopment.

Baalman Thesis : Spaciousness in concert halls. Perceptibility of IACC-differences. A Oxenham Lecture Binaural hearing. Morimoto: The role of reflections from behind the listener on spatial impression. Mason, Brookes and Rumsey: Spatial impression: measurement and perception of concert hall acoustics and reproduced sound.

Y Litovsky: Binaural Hearing external site. J Breebaart: Sound Binaural processing model based on contralateral inhibition. Model structure. Sound Binaural processing model based on contralateral inhibition. Dependence on temporal parameters.

Van dorp Schuitman and D de Vries: Deriving content-specific measures of room acoustic perception using a binaural, nonlinear auditory model. Stage Acoustics for symphonic orchestra. Braak et al : Influence of stage risers on stage acoustics [ pdf ]. ISRA Toronto. Kalkandjiev and Weinzierl: Room acoustics viewed from the stage: Solo performers' adjustments to the acoustical environment not in new window. A Bidondo: Neuroacoustics: Study on the perception of stereo reverberant sound field at cortical level.

D Bradley: Comparison of hanging panels and boundary diffusers in a reverberation chamber. E Kahle: Room acoustical quality of concert halls: perceptual factors and acoustic criteria — return from experience. T Lokki: Throw away that standard and listen: your two ears work better. Proceedings, misc papers.

Listening levels. Muchnik et al: Preferred listening levels of personal listening devices in young teenagers: self reports and physical measurements abstract. Lombard effect. Garnier et al: The Lombard Effect: a physiological reflex or a controlled intelligibility enhancement? Rindel and Christensen: Dynamic sound source for simulating the Lombard effect in room acoustic modeling software.

S Tonkinson: The Lombard effect in choral singing summary with main results, only. Wikipedia article with links: Lombard effect. Concert hall acoustics Part 1. Beranek, Leo L. Concert hall acoustics Part 2. Auditory quality of performance spaces for music - the problem of the references. Blauert, Jens; Jekosch, Ute. Concert hall acoustics: Science versus reality. Commins, Daniel. Barron, Mike. The acoustic design of the Molina de Segura theater-auditoria. Higini Arau-Puchades.

Concert acoustics criteria in the Frauenkirche Dresden. Sound source for the measurement of room impulse responses for auralisation. Behler, Gottfried, K. Computation and applications of directional echograms in room and concert hall acoustics. Embrechts, Jean-Jacques. New method for auralizing the results of room acoustics simulations. Coloration due to reflections, further investigations. Halmrast, Tor. Reverberation time, mean free path and sound absorption in concert halls.

Hidaka Takayuki, Nishihara Noriko. The modelling of frequency dependent boundary conditions In FDTD simulation of concert hall acoustics. Shoebox concert halls for the 21st Century. Orlowski, Raf. Schmich, Isabelle; Vian, Jean-Paul. Effects of directivity of a sound source on speech intelligibility in the sound field. Daiji, Takahashi; Saori, Kuroki. Transparent concert hall acoustics. Van Luxemburg, Renz; Hak, C. Assessment of the uncertainty in room acoustical measurements.

Ingo B. Witew; Pascal Dietrich. Bayesian analysis in characterizing sound energy decay: A quantitative theory of inference in room acoustics. Xiang, Ning; Goggans, Paul M. Acoustical aspects of the Sagrada Familia Church. Two new solutions for adjustable acoustics in multi purpose concert halls. Agren, Anders. The interpretation of objective measurements on the stage by means of the correlation with subjective data.

The subjective investigation of acoustic perception of musicians: a proposed method for interpretation of results.