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East of eden steinbeck thesis


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She never forgets any of them, so she is never caught telling a contradicting story. Ames, her mother, does not believe Cathy is abnormal: Since Cathy was an only child, her mother had no close contrast in the family. She thought all children were like her own. And since all parents are worriers she was convinced that all her friends had the same problems.

Ames, however, is "not so sure. But he cannot put his finger on what makes her seem different, sinister. When Cathy discovers she is not fully trusted, she learns to manipulate her parents. She gains their full trust, and in their eyes, she can do no wrong.

But her parents are getting in the way of what Cathy wants. She must rid herself of them. So she sets a fire at three in the morning, locks the door from the inside, takes the key and leaves town. Her parents are now out of the way and the entire community believes that she, too, is dead. Possibly, Cathy's parents are the only people who might have discovered her hidden identity.

Maybe Cathy knew this, and it was the reason for their sudden deaths. Cathy's experiences with Mr. Edwards, her pimp in Boston, will change Cathy from a naive child who believes she can handle anything to a worldly young woman who will become suspicious of everyone. She begins as a prostitute and does an excellent job of bringing in money. Edwards becomes fascinated by her charms, and she is able to camouflage her true self. Cathy is now "more than a shadowy 'Eve' figure, more than Woman who not only succumbs to the Serpent, but becomes the serpent itself Cathy triumphs over her victims--and consumes her own substance" Cooperman Cathy steals Mr.

Edward's money, keeps men on the side, and uses every possible situation to get her way. However, her charade is over the day she drinks a little wine with Mr. Although Cathy tries to disguise "her innate evil nature, it reveals itself at the slightest loss of control, such as from a little alcohol" Gray For the first time, Cathy shows a weakness.

The warm alcohol loosens her tongue and lowers her defense, turning her into an irate animal who begins to reveal to Mr. Edwards everything. When he finds out that she has burned the house, killed her parents, stolen his money and used him, he begins to beat her mercilessly.

He hits her on the forehead with a rock, and leaves her dead, or so he thinks. Steinbeck reveals that the scar left on her forehead becomes a symbol of evil--like Cain in the Bible when he was sent away by God because of his wickedness Journal Cathy is alone once more. But this time, she has learned an important lesson, one that she must never forget. She will now be very careful about the people she becomes personally involved with, and will never try to be vulnerable to a man, as she was to Mr.

Cathy's new knowledge of men becomes evident when she appears on the front steps of Adam and Charles Trask's house. She uses her experience with Mr. Edwards as a lesson in manipulating the two unwitting brothers. She is close to death at this point; Adam, being the caring and trusting nurse, brings her back to health.

Charles never trusts her, maybe because they are the same in many ways. He also bears the evil scar upon his forehead. He tries to warn Adam that there is something sinister about Cathy, but Adam has already fallen in love. He is "bedazzled into marrying Cathy, an embodiment of evil.

Steinbeck writes: Why Adam Trask should have fallen in love with her is anybody's guess but I think it was because he himself was trained to operate best under a harsh master and simply transferred that to a tough mistress. Cathy's feelings for Adam seem almost genuine at first. However, there is never any real love in Cathy. She "really couldn't understand Adam's love for her; but when he proposed, she accepted because she knew she could control him" Cooperman Cathy does not plan to stay married after their wedding; Cathy tells Adam that she is not well enough to consummate the marriage.

She gives him her sleeping medicine and climbs into bed with her drunken brother-in-law, Charles. That night, she conceives Charles's child and begins the first stages of destroying her faithful husband, Adam. Cathy's babies also become the victims of her wicked and vicious schemes. She is very unhappy being pregnant. She even tries once to abort the babies, but is unsuccessful.

Steinbeck describes Cathy at this time "sitting quietly waiting for her pregnancy to be over, living on a farm she did not like, with a man she did not love" Eden She tells Adam all along that she wants to leave and that she will after she gives birth; but he thinks that she is just nervous about becoming a mother. Adam's good friend, Samuel Hamilton, helps Cathy through labor. He thinks she is very strange because she demands total darkness and becomes like an animal with pain.

She bites Samuel who has fever for three days afterward and refuses to look at the twins after they are born. According to Lisca, Samuel, who has been working in the field all day: associates the buried meteorite falling star, hence Lucifer which wrecks his well drill with Cathy, who bites his hand while he is helping her give birth to her twin sons, on the same day he discovers the meteorite. Wide World At her children's birth, Cathy is once again compared to a serpent.

Lisca comments that Cathy "gives birth to the twins as easily as a snake lays eggs" Nature and Myth As soon as Cathy recovers from giving birth, she once again tells Adam that she is leaving him: Why doesn't Adam listen when Cathy says she will be going away Men don't listen to what they don't want to hear Adam has a picture of his life, and he will continue to maintain his picture against every influence until his world comes down. Adam's only way of keeping Cathy at home is locking her in. But she is able to convince him that she has changed her mind, and promises to stay.

When he opens the door, she shoots him with a. Adam is so upset that he goes into a state of emotional shock. He has thought of Cathy as the perfect wife and he cannot accept the fact that she is anything less. He does not even name the twins for almost a year. Once again, Cathy has managed to destroy a part of someone's life, and once again she spreads her evil upon her closest acquaintances.

As Cathy matures, her ability to overpower others becomes stronger, as in the case of Faye, Cathy's new madam. She learns of Faye's brothel and goes there to work. She changes her name to Kate and dyes her hair black, but this conversion will never cover up her evil. Steinbeck says, "They [the readers] will forget I said she [Kate] was bad.

And they will hate her because while she is a monster, she is a little piece of the monster in all of us" Journal Once again Kate is going to use the people she associates with to accomplish what she wants. Warren French reminds the reader that "Kate is a witch whose spell must be exorcised if her activities are not to continue to destroy innocent people" Kate even manages to get Faye to leave the entire estate to her when Faye dies.

Of course, it is in Kate's plan, not Faye's, that the death happen soon. Kate slowly poisons Faye. No one suspects the act--everyone believes that Faye has an illness that is making her weaker and pushing her closer to death. In the meantime, Kate is learning to be an expert prostitute: [She] knows the power of the sexual impulse, and that is her most profound weapon against the people she destroys.

She knew, too, about the guilts that accompany sexual indulgence, and she turned these into a fine profit by catering to the masochistic wishes of the men of Salinas. Whips and matches were tools of her whorehouse trade, and the need for them was developed by her deliberately, making her house essential in the community.

Cooperman Finally, Faye dies. Now Kate is in charge. Kate has once again eliminated the one who was getting to know her too well and was in the way of her success. Kate seems to have reached her peak in destruction, but then, her evil begins to deteriorate. The origin of this suicidal process occurs when Adam comes to the brothelhouse to confront Kate. Only when he confronts the reality of Cathy Adam never refers to her as Kate , only when he sees the essential blasphemy of his attempt to create an Eden morality itself, can he redeem his own manhood.

He discovers when he sees her again that she means nothing to him. Cathy hates him for being freed from her evil grasp. Later, one of her partners, Joe, begins to take monetary advantage of her--at first without her knowledge.

Kate realizes that she is losing her ability to overpower others. Even her beloved pictures of the senators, congressmen, and other important government officials that had visited her business no longer seem important to her. She has been saving them for years as blackmail if they do not continue to come to her "house": [Kate] commits suicide when she supposes that, even if she can outwit Joe, she will eventually be outwitted by someone else of her own ilk Her death is not a catastrophe, but an unmixed blessing to the community Paranoia will destroy itself without disrupting society.

French Lisca observes that toward the end of the book, "the reader learns. As Kate slowly poisons herself, as she had Faye, alone in the dark, Steinbeck seems almost sympathetic; but he was "just putting it down as it might have happened" Journal Lisca notes that "Cathy is too much like Satan to be a credible human-being, and too much like a weak, pitiful human-being to be properly Satanic" Wide World Cathy is only thirty, but, as Hayashi observes, "her cheeks have become chubby, her stomach and shoulders plump, and her legs and feet thick and bulging.

Her hands are crippled with arthritis" Dictionary Even though Kate is physically gone, her malevolence lives on in those she has emotionally destroyed. It appears that Cathy's corruption has been transmitted to her son, Cal, even though she is not involved with him in any way.

Steinbeck explains it as follows: If she [Cathy] were simply a monster, that would not bring her in [the story]. But since she had the most powerful impact on Adam and transmitted her blood to her sons and influenced the generations--she certainly belongs in this book. Cal has dark moods like his natural father, Charles. He is lonely because the people who are afraid of him ignore him.

He is also jealous of his brother, Aaron. However, unlike his mother, Cal has "recognized the evil in himself, [and] is ready to act for good" Cooperman When Cal finds out who his mother is, he is convinced that he is evil like her. But Lee, the Chinese housekeeper, points out that "all men have evil in their ancestry, but the final choice of good or evil is solely the individual's" Cooperman Before Cathy commits suicide, Cal visits her.

As the story unfolds and progresses, we see the characters deal with these things with religion being the base and the root that the book lays upon. The biblical story of Cain and. Steinbeck brought it up through the character Lee. In the beginning, God grants us free will so that we have the ability to love and accept him or not. However, had God not chosen to grant us free will, we would not be human as we know it today,.

Title: East of Eden Significance of the title: The novel is intended to be an allegory for or a retelling of the first few chapters of the Book of Genesis, from Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden through the story of Cain and Abel.

It is impossible to draw character sketches without interweaving them with the storyline, thus, I have combined the characters descriptions and plot summary. The book opens by describing the lives of two very different families in very different parts of America. First the Hamiltons, a patriarch built around. Throughout Steinbeck's novel East of Eden, he captures the idea of Timshel through different characters. Many believe that Timshel is left in open, giving the character the choice.

Moreover, Timshel is actually planted in one, they either fight evil with Timshel or give into the dark side. Throughout the vivid text of Mrs. Trask, Steinbeck expresses her as a Timshel-less human.

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This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Iowa State University Capstones, Theses and Dissertations at Iowa State University Digital. This thesis is a critical comment centered on John Steinbeck's East of d-frag.com particular work by Steinbeck has been thoroughly neglected, and therefore. The following faculty members have examined the final copy of this thesis for form and content, and recommend that it be accepted in partial fulfillment of the.