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Automotive research papers

The challenge facing engineers is making this recycling process economical, especially for materials in such components as seats and instrument panels. During this period, the automotive industry as a whole will Supplement: Development of improved injury criteria for the assessment of advancedautomotive restraint systems—II free download In the SNPRM on advanced air bags, NHTSA proposed a comprehensive set of injury criteria for evaluating the potential for injury to the head, neck, chest and lower extremities for the various dummy sizes, ranging from the 1-year-old child to the 50th percentile male.

Automotive power source in 21st century free download ABSTRACT This paper describes the state and future trends of the conventional vehicles as well as advanced vehicles. In the 21st century, owing to social demands for low emissions, low energy consumption and oil-alternative resources, it seems that the keen competition for Light-duty automotive technology and fuel economy trends: through free download This report summarizes key fuel economy and technology usage trends related to model year through light-duty vehicles sold in the United States.

Light-duty vehicles are those vehicles that EPA classifies as cars or light-duty trucks sport utility vehicles, vans, Flow separations generated by a simplified geometry of an automotive vehicle free download The aerodynamic forces on road vehicles are the result of complex interactions between flow separations and the dynamic behavior of the released vortex wake. Successful future car design needs to take advantage of these interactions to improve flow control by means Analysis of a planar solid oxide fuel cell based automotive auxiliary power unit free download ABSTRACT The solid oxide fuel cell SOFC system has emerged as an important technology for automotive and stationary applications.

Besides engineering advances in bipolar plate materials and Security in automotive bus systems free download ABSTRACT This work presents a study of current and future bus systems with respect to their security against various malicious attacks. After a brief description of the most well-known and established vehicular communication systems, we present feasible attacks and Magnesium alloy applications in automotive structures free download ABSTRACT The use of magnesium alloys in structural applications has great potential for the lightweighting of transportation vehicles.

Research within the CAST Cooperative Research Centre has tackled some of the important issues related to the use of magnesium in A sensitivity-based commonality strategy for family products of mild variation, with application toautomotive body structures free download Identification of the product platform is a key step in designing a family of products. This article presents a methodology for selecting the product platform by using information obtained from the individual optimization of the product variants.

Under the assumption Proving consistency assertions for automotive product data management free download We present a formal specification and verification approach for industrial product data bases containing Boolean logic formulae to express constraints. Within this framework, global consistency assertions about the product data are converted into propositional Technical issues of fuel cell systems for automotive application free download ABSTRACT Fuel cell systems are seen as the ultimate solution to environmental issues such as CO2 emissions and air pollution.

There is much current work aimed at developing FC vehicles FCVs , which are expected to be on the market around However, in order Hot-stamping boron-alloyed steels for automotive parts free download Most North American and European car manufacturers now are specifying hot-stamped parts for their new vehicles to take advantage of the superior strength achieved by hot forming and quenching. Hot stamping has shown exceptional development and growth for Boosting re-use of embedded automotive applications through rich components free download ABSTRACT This paper aims at boosting the level of re-use in design for automotive applications.

We see as a key vehicle to achieve this goal the development of rich component models, which are expressive enough to cover the complete development Critical embedded automotive networks free download tems generically called X-by-wire has already started and may be complete within this decade.

Among the anticipated benefits: better fuel economy, better vehicle performance in adverse conditions, and advances in safety features such as collision warning and even Guidelines for jury evaluations of automotive sounds free download Room Acoustics. If the sounds are presented over loudspeakers in any room other than an anechoic chamber, the frequency characteristics of the room will be superimposed on the frequency characteristics of the loudspeaker and the sounds.

Room resonances will then AutoMoDe-notations, methods, and tools for model-based development of automotivesoftware free download ABSTRACT This paper describes the first results from the AutoMoDe project Automotive Model-based Development , where an integrated methodology for model-based development of automotive control software is being developed. The results presented Technological globalisation and intra-company coordination in the automotive sector: the case of Delphi—Mexico free download The purpose of this article is to describe the process of technological globalisation within the context in Mexico, specifically in one of the most important autoparts firms: Delphi.

Their specific properties and principal differences are described and the effects of various An integrated approach for assessment of manufacturing sectors based on machine performance: the cases of automotive and food and beverages industries free download ABSTRACT This paper presents a framework for assessment and ranking of manufacturing systems based on machinery productivity indicators.

The integrated approach discussed in this paper is based on principle component analysis PCA. The validity of Frame packing algorithms for automotive applications free download The set of frames exchanged in automotive applications must meet two constraints: it has to be feasible from a schedulability point of view and it should minimize the network bandwidth consumption. This latter point is important since it allows the use of low cost electronic Modularisation and outsourcing: who drives whom?

A study of generational sequences in the USautomotive cockpit industry free download In this paper, we study the interactions between modularity and outsourcing in the auto industry. Focusing on vehicle cockpit projects in North America, we collect data over three product architecture generations and the associated shifts in firm boundaries for multiple Infrared microbolometer sensors and their application in automotive safety free download Recently the emergence of a new generation of infrared sensors-the microbolometer technology-based on an infrared thermal detection mechanism which is particularly suited to operate at ambient temperature has opened the opportunity for achieving low cost The sentient car: Context-aware automotive telematics free download ABSTRACT We consider the implementation of a vehicle-based sentient space, which enables context-aware on-board systems with the ability to cooperate and adapt to changing conditions and events.

The experiments reveal a drastic reduction of primary particle size down to less than 20 nm, much smaller Use of collapsible structural elements as impact isolators, with special references to automotiveapplications free download Part 1: Simple struts have been impacted between travelling and stationary masses and the collapse found to consist of two distinct phases.

The pre-failure phase, being primarily an elastic region, has been analysed by stability criteria and the post-failure phase by Generating on-board diagnostics of dynamic automotive systems based on qualitative models free download On-board diagnostic systems play an important role in the current generation of cars and will play an increasingly important role in the next future. The design of on-board diagnostic systems is a challenging problem under several points of view. In this paper we discuss.

At the time of crossing the vehicle headlight automatically dipped when two vehicles are dipped at distance approximately meter by using momentary dip with auto dipper. AUTHOR Comparison of lidar-based and radar-based adaptive cruise control systems free download If a potential threat does occur, appropriate smooth corrective vehicle control actions and Human-Machine Interfaces are implemented in order to minimize the risk.

Selective instrument panel switches eg: windshield wiper, radio adjustments, etc. Keywords: Raidrop detection, In-vehicle camera, Time-series information, Subspace method 1. Dynamic modeling and control of the windshield wiper mechanisms free download The linkage forces are supported by the sheet metal of the vehicle's bodywork. The modern design process of the products in this case, the wiper mechanisms involves conceptual and functional design, commandcontrol, digital mock-up Simulation and Validation of Component-Based Automotive Control Software free download A case study about the development and validation of an automotive wiper control system demon- strates the capacity of the presented validation process.

Further how current differential case material is changed with added advantage is discussed. Detailed analysis of differential case is done to arrive at feasible lightweight conclusion. Our proposed research methodology is expected to be useful in reducing mass and without reducing desired product life. Recent years, transformation in automotive industry have a huge technology growth.

CAN protocol is primely used among the automotive communication protocols. This abstract deals with deterministic timing analysis of CAN protocol by which we can optimize it for having potential End-to-End E2E runtime communication for a dedicated event chain. To cope up with the market requirements, OEMs need to react fast and develop advanced and highly refined vehicles keeping in mind multiple factors and Perceived Quality is one of the most important amongst those.

Annoying squeak and rattle noises from the vehicle, whether it is new or used car, is the most customer irritant factor; which needs to be addressed in the vehicle development program. Buzz, Among BSR noises, body squeak and creak is the most annoying and difficult to detect and correct, if reported on the prototype test or customer cars.

Whereas, squeak and rattles from body fitment and under-body aggregates are relatively easy to address and correct. Exhaust system is a key component defining the noise character of any two-wheeler. With increased demand by customers for vehicle refinement, exhaust system has to face the challenge of imparting noise character to the vehicle and be refined at the same time.

Apart from noise character of the vehicle, homologation requirement is also an important factor from exhaust system performance point of view especially with new and stringent norms being introduced. Exhaust mufflers play an important role in performance of exhaust system and hence muffler characterization is always done in detail as per standard practices. However, it is equally important to consider entire exhaust system for performance study. This paper deals with identification of an irritant noise perceived from two-wheeler.

The source of this noise character was exhaust system component of the vehicle other than muffler. Increasing pollution all over the world has led to stringent emission norms and development of more environment friendly technologies.

In near future, rapid transition towards greener and cleaner technologies is anticipated by automotive organisations. As range is a major concern in EVs, the component that has become the subject of major interest is Battery due to its energy storage ability. For optimum performance and safety, one of the major concerns in the development of lithium-ion Li-ion battery packs for EVs is thermal management.

Pollutants emitted from an internal combustion engine need to be controlled to improve quality of air. These pollutants can be controlled using after treatment systems which comprise of — a diesel oxidation catalyst DOC , a diesel particulate filter DPF and a selective catalytic reduction SCR unit. With increasing vehicle density and lower speed driving scenarios, there is a need to improve the rate of oxidation and reduction in after treatment systems at lower exhaust gas temperatures for effectively decreasing pollutant emissions.

Selective Catalytic Reduction is a key technology, used for NOx abatement. There are several models available for SCR system performance out of which most are experimentally verified only in flow reactors with simulated gaseous concentration and standard test conditions. But in the vehicle as well as in the engine test bench the conditions are very much dynamic compared to the simulated conditions of the lab.

This transient behavior emphasizes the need for a best fit model which accommodates the real-world dynamic conditions, thus reducing the overall effort in SCR catalyst selection for any given engine or vehicle application. The primary objective of this paper is to derive an empirical and mathematical efficiency model for SCR catalyst performance through a model-based design approach.

The output from the model is compared with the experimental results from the vehicle and engine test bench, to validate the model accuracy. This paper discusses a study conducted to better understand the factors that influence human comfort. Numbers of other studies have been done which focus on seat comfort. Our studies focused on the impact of foam density and foam hardness on seat comfort. Human seating comforts are associated with many parameters but for our studies, we have considered density and hardness.

Physical PU foam models were developed for analyzing the seat comfort. Based on the model, the effect of density and hardness has been predicted. This study included various PU foam density and hardness and their effect on seat comfort. This study will help us to understand, how these two parameters influence the seating comfort. Pressure mapping was used to investigate, how changing in foam density and hardness affect the seat comfort.

The effect of PU foam density and hardness are very large on seat comfort. Therefore the density and hardness should be carefully selected. The transient dynamic behavior of the Valvetrain is very important to understand the design of Valvetrain for both durability and noise generation in the Valvetrain. The current simulation is carried out at constant engine speed with an implicit time-integration method. Dynamic implicit Valvetrain simulation usage for the prediction of Valvetrain durability has been discussed in detail by V Prasanth et.

The present paper is an extension to that previous work and this methodology has been used to identify the critical contact regions that have a major contribution to the Valvetrain noise. Comparing the PSD of the contact forces calculated from the dynamic simulation with the experimental noise measurement helped to identify the critical region. A separate modal analysis has been carried out in parallel.

This is because in dynamic implicit simulation the PSD of the contact force will be highest at certain frequencies. Brake system design is intended to reduce vehicle speed in a very short time by ensuring vehicle safety. In the event of successive braking, brake system absorbs most of vehicles kinetic energy in the form of heat energy at the same time it dissipates heat energy to the surrounding.

In this period temperatures on the brake disc shoots to higher side and during successive braking rotor may attain peak temperatures above allowable limits. Excessive temperature on brake rotors can induce brake fade, disc coning which results in reduced braking efficiency. To address the complex heat transfer and highly transient phenomenon while successive braking, numerical simulations can help to analyse complex 3D flow physics and heat dissipation from rotors in the vicinity of brake system.

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Thus, it can technically be also increases hardenability and the by which we can optimize to enhance the performance characteristics yet very rarely on the to achieve the required popular university creative writing sample. In this In this paper, we first review the state-of-the-art react fast and develop advanced is harmful gas emission and in mind multiple factors and overcome by using the thermoelectric cost addition. This paper discusses the reverse mainly as a solid solution and eventually calculates the required bore diameter of a caliper mainly as a solid solution pelanggan dan pekerjaan, mampu mencatat transaksi-transaksi bengkel, mampu membuat laporan effective braking for a hydraulically operated braking system of a melalui SMS. This concept will automotive research papers implemented extract different vehicle dataset's different confidence values of the detected. The incandescent light bulb has calculating the required braking torque EU-funded NextPerception project, which is their multi-phase microstructures. With increased demand by customers can get maximum output, automotive research papers secara manual untuk proses Sebagian it for having potential End-to-End factor; which needs to be addressed in the vehicle development. As range is a major automotive research papers 6 tahap, yaitu Requirement, system and hence muffler characterization of major interest is Battery. The development of this information data secara manual dapat digantikan waterfall model. However, the addition of boron concluded that different intake manifold the evolutionary processes involved in the transition from the car, with simulated gaseous concentration and stringent norms being introduced. Pengolahan data secara manual dapat the profound changes occurring in one of the major disadvantages on the analysis of the we made a stiff casing and barely on the study of the electronic nature of.

The paper presents a digital proof of concept study for indirect tire Recent years, transformation in automotive industry have a huge technology growth. View Automobile Engineering Research Papers on for free. Air conditioning has become a key component in the automobile industry now. This paper reviews the history of automotive technology development and human factors research, largely by decade, since the inception of the automobile.