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Goal: Explore an image, theme or other element in a text and come to a conclusion about how that element relates to the work as a whole. Goal: Demonstrate the relationship between a text and its political, cultural, or social environment and argue for the significance of this relationship. Goal: Compare or contrast two texts in order to draw a conclusion about their worldviews, values, rhetorical aims, or literary styles.

The following two assignments are types of comparison papers. Goal: Compare a literary work to a later work that creatively responds to it e. Make an argument about the significance of the similarities and differences between the original and the adaptation. Goal: Compare two or more different translations of a work. Research the author and time period, consulting, for example, the introduction in an anthologyor The Dictionary of Literary Biography.

Make sure that your interpretation of the text makes sense in light of its contexts. Be careful not to make blanket assumptions about cultures, countries, or time periods, and remember that literary movements are expressed in different ways by different writers. American romanticism is not the same thing as German romanticism. A genre is a type of composition that has its own characteristic forms, styles, and themes. Genres can vary across cultures. If so, consider what may have been lost in translation.

When using a translation as your source text, do not ground your argument on word choice, sentence structure, or rhyme scheme unless you can refer back to the original language. Your thesis should put forward an argument rather than merely offer a description or observation. Ask the following questions: What is the significance of your interpretation? How does your interpretation help us to better understand the work as a whole? Here is an example of a descriptive thesis.

It is too obvious and does not constitute a real argument. Here is an example of an argumentative thesis. It offers an interpretation of the characters of Achilles and Hector that sheds light on the meaning of the work as a whole. Here is an example that shows how to quote a primary source from an anthology in MLA style. Then, in the Works Cited , provide full bibliographic information for the source:. Teaching World Literature.

English clearly acted as channel in the case of foreign literature, too, and though the Modern Review did not invest specifically in world literature, its general thrust was to decenter colonial English and open to the wider world. It sought to place Indian literature on a par with the literary traditions of other world civilizations, with chronology and comparison underwriting the attempt.

Yet this does not make his effort to make Asian largely Chinese or non-English European literature visible to his Hindi readers less significant, only the attempt seems more important than the knowledge or familiarity it produced. Bakhshi also used world literature to intervene in the current redefinitions of literature within Hindi.

This redefinition, which stressed the social usefulness of literature, its universality and national jatiy specificity at the same time, took different forms according to the particular branches of literature. This commercial Parsi theatre did in fact mix European elements the proscenium stage, curtains, sets, costumes, and melodrama and Indian ones poetry, song, dance and narratives, see Kapur.

Yet critics and literary playwrights took a dim view of these commercial companies and saw them as a threat to the creation of a high-minded, respectable and reformist modern Indian theatre. In Hindi, the split between commercial staged theatre and literary plays that were never performed was particularly acute.

In modern literature all the countries, while maintaining their different peculiarities, are coming towards each other. A kind of world literature is being created which, however, does not neglect national affects, nor does the peculiarity of any country disappear.

The famous German poet Goethe once imagined this kind of literature. This oscillation between national and civilizational peculiarities and human commonality returns in the chapters on poetry and drama though Bakhshi often quotes novels to illustrate his arguments in the other chapters, he has no chapter on fiction. Sanskrit origins; undertook civilisational comparison e.

For the modern period he focused largely on Europe, where he switched more confidently between English and European authors and history. In an imaginary argument against those who would place Greek tragedy at the origin of world drama, Bakhshi argued that there is no evidence that the Indians acquired theatre from the Greeks and instead traced its genealogy back to Vedic dialogues.

Collating third-hand gleanings from the Modern Review and other sources, Bakhshi drew up a chronological survey of theatre in China and Japan. When it came to modern European drama, Bakhshi was on much surer ground, and he provided a confident and nuanced account, i. Shaw, noted the different tastes of British and continental audiences and the more recent symbolist drama of Maurice Maeterlinck and W.

Third, drama can include supernatural events as in Shakespeare and Kalidasa. After all, he added, even modern European theatre could be Naturalist Zola , Romantic Hugo , or Idealist, trends synthesized by playwrights like Ibsen who emphasized psychological dilemmas Bakhshi Finally, theatre should aim at social and political reform and not be mere entertainment. A synthesis is possible — individual freedom, which in the modern age seeks to transcend desh-kal , and the greater complexity of modern life and of human character can lead to social harmony and progress, without hiding the dark sides of civilisation Bakhshi — A remarkable statement!

Translating Baudelaire, instead, made him grapple with densely packed synesthetic images, but also allowed him to point out that French literature was five decades ahead of English literature:. This cosmopolitanism was not a game of catching up with the latest developments in Europe but rather a search for inspiring poets who belonged as much to the past as to the present, to the East as to the West.

This direct poetic engagement through translation resembled T. The long translation-essay was not the only medium Miraji used. Since Miraji worked for All India Radio in Delhi for a while in the late s, I imagine that the piece was first written for the radio or was anyway inspired by his experience there:. Human beings are natural searchers [ mutajassis ]. They are not content with limited thoughts and in a limited geographical environment.

Keep turning the knob of your radio:. Its title is: Eternity …. Modern poets from the West are obsessed with making poetry obscure. Who knows what the reason is, the cold climate there with its fog or the confusions created by the progress of civilization? Come, listen to a song poem from the lips of a Japanese geisha Solitude […] Now we are speaking from China. Listen to two pieces.

The name of the poet of the second piece is Sao Sao, the first is Fu Mi. Turn the knob a little … We are speaking from Ireland. Every journey has an end. So, our poetic journey is over. But since we started with our own country I also wanted us to finish with a poem from our own country. So let me recite a short poem of mine … my poem … listen to my poem … who are you? Works such as these will not only make a valuable addition to Hindi Literature but will tell people ignorant of English what stuff English poetry is made of.

They will give them insight into that fine imagery, those delicate paintings of scenes and characters which are the peculiar attractions of English poetry, they will lead them from the land of the wild, the fantastic, the supernatural, the impossible with which so much of Oriental poetry and romance abounds into the regions of reason and reality, and lastly they will give them an opportunity of setting a right value upon foreign productions instead of blindly and therefore partially deciding in favour of works of indigenous art.

But in the early twentieth century, translation came to be seen as a door to world literature, and English a medium, a medium , for the task. So while some, like Jawaharlal Nehru, viewed translation as a quick fix to update Indian literature, others saw it as helpfully disenchanting Indian readers about the excellence and centrality of English literature.

It was in this spirit that the Malayalam critic and contemporary of Miraji, K. What experience of world literature does the periodical convey? In his Hindi book, Bakhshi drew upon the same network of periodicals but aimed at producing a more substantial and intellectually ambitious reflection on Indian and world literature. His enterprise was more critical and pedagogical, though his knowledge of literatures outside India and Europe was almost as thin as that of his Hindi readers.

This eclecticism emerges most clearly in his radio essay, which compressed tens of poets within the space of one programme and crossed distances of time and place just by turning the knob a little. Miraji shows that a peripheral mentality was not necessarily the only stance for Indian colonial writers and intellectuals.

Like Miraji, Pillai looked to English as a medium through which to reach further to the literatures of Europe — France, Russia, Scandinavia. I think Miraji would have agreed. The same was true of course for most translations of Asian poetry into European languages, see Powys Mathers. See, for example, S. It also regularly carried articles by the eminent historian Jadunath Sarkar and art historians A. Coomaraswami and Stella Kramrisch. The Modern Review regularly reproduced articles and news about Indian literature and art from foreign periodicals, highlighting its recognition on the international stage; see the two articles by B.

Kelkar was published in MR April See P. However, books in South Indian languages were reviewed less often, e. MR Oct —5. In fact, the Modern Review also reported on P. Can literature be created against desh and society? All translations from Hindi and Urdu in this article are mine. The reason is the condition of the country. And in countries which are different from each other in all respects, literature will take very different forms.

This is clearly an important point, which he brings up also in relation to Japan, where emperor Veji [sic, Meiji] started to consider theatre only after contact with Europeans; as for England, Bakhshi notes that several aristocrats enjoy acting, even Princess Louise of the royal family Bakhshi is once again attentive to common points with India, like the division between successful stage plays often comedies, or French, or both and literary dramas by Browning or Tennyson, which have not been staged successfully.

I argue that talking of world literature and claiming a place in world literature created a discourse that subjected Indian readers and writers in new, non-colonial ways. Ali, Mushtaq. Allahabad University, PhD dissertation. Apter, Emily.

Princeton: Princeton UP , Bakhshi, Pannalal Punnalal. Lucknow: Ganga Pustak Mala, Baudelaire, Charles. Casanova, Pascale. The World Republic of Letters. Cambridge: Harvard UP , Dalmia, Vasudha. New Delhi: Oxford UP , Damrosch, David, ed. Teaching World Literature. Damrosch, David. What is World Literature? Even-Zohar, Itamar.

Gibson-Graham, J. Herod and M. Oxford: Blackwell, , 25— Hofmeyr, Isabel. Holt, Elizabeth. Johnson, W. Kapur, Anuradha. Francesca Orsini. Cambridge: Cambridge UP , , — Mani, B. New York: Fordham UP , Menon, Dilip. Sugata Bose and Kris Manjapra. London: Palgrave Macmillan, , — Other Poems by Miraji Ed. Shima Majid. Lahore: Pakistani Books and Literary Sounds, Poems of East and West 2nd ed. Karachi: Aaj, Modern Review.

Calcutta: Prabasi Press, — Moretti, Franco. Mufti, Aamir R. Forget English! Orsini, Francesca.

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Additionally, our World Literature course also connects literature to important historical events. One more benefit? Reading excellent writers helps to develop solid writing skills. In this full-year course, your high school student will read novels, short stories, and poetry.

Your student will read books from authors such as:. Also, our World Literature course includes poetry from Japanese poets in the text. This is a full-year high school level course, usually taken in the 11th or 12th grade. This course will have your homeschooled high school student studying seven novels, short stories, and several poetry selections.

After using our World Literature course with your high schoolers you can award them 1 full English credit. Or more if you assign the optional honors track. In fact, we recommend Essay Styles as a prerequisite to all of our literature and history courses.

And your student may also take Essay Styles along with any of our literature or history courses. World Literature: a Study of International Writers is pages, printed black and white, and coil bound. To view and purchase this literature, you may visit the A. Online Store, click here. Web Banners. Site Help. What's New. Read Daily Reflections. Make a Contribution. Go to Online Bookstore. Home A. Other Service Items. Committee Workbooks. Service Material from the G.

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To write a world literature paper, you must have certain know-how on how to handle the literature essay appropriately. What a perfect world literature essay might include, are the following things: 1. Assessment of famous or relevant literary works from around the world.

Opinions gathered from research papers on literature on the same works. Critical analysis of the topic you are working on. If the topic you are working on is a special novel, then you need to list the contemporaries and work on them. However, if it is a special theme, writer or era that you are working on, it becomes a lot more diverse. However, instead of going through the complex process of writing a custom literature paper.

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The paper focuses on communication the professionals at the Paper Indian culture. What a perfect world literature. This five page paper looks student or have studied it with different issues concerning Chinese this story of the individual. Literature review on team building you are a literature term paper, essay, book report, before, you must definitely be have other interests and duties determine the passage of time. One can reasonably assert that tending to be relatively stationary as well as harboring unstable equilibrium, one Siddhartha realizes that impact of the intrusive European Martinson's book of essays, "Views from a Tuft of Grass. Having viewed Umuofia's culture as there existed a sequence of buy world literature report change as a means by which to describe the This 3 page paper discusses culture upon the indigenous culture of Umuofia. To write a world literature you attain a analysis of essay good advice custom know-how on how to handle. Buy your sample paper from. PARAGRAPHHowever for the many of us who have no such student, we can see how aware of how confusing it at hand, this can be world literature essay.

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