rana el kaliouby thesis

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Rana el kaliouby thesis

If the computer infers that you are in a bad mood, it would not pop up virus warnings all the time. It can alert you if you are falling asleep while driving, sense if you are frustrated when you cannot find what you are searching for on the Internet, or switch to a type of music that would cheer you up when you are feeling down. El Kaliouby noted that teaching emotional intelligence skills to computers is not only possible, but could become a normal feature of computers in the near future.

She earned her doctorate in computer science from the University of Cambridge, and her doctoral dissertation on mind-reading machines was nominated for the British Computer Society Distinguished Dissertation Award for breaking new ground in the field of affective computing. Her postdoctoral research, the first in the world to tackle the development of a social-emotional wearable system for autism spectrum disorders, was rated by The New York Times as one of the top innovations of the year in As part of her doctoral work at Cambridge, el Kaliouby developed a computer system that can determine whether a person is interested, confused or focused by detecting facial and head movements through a Webcam or wearable camera.

Her research at MIT integrates this system into the Interactive Social-Emotional Toolkit iSET , a technology mainly aimed at helping individuals on the autism spectrum improve their communication skills by more accurately detecting the social cues of others. Consisting of a tiny video camera, an earphone and an ultramobile computer, the device can be easily worn by users to help detect the moods of those around them.

A pilot study is underway to test the technology with a group of autistic teenagers at the Groden Center, a school for autism spectrum disorders in the United States. The study is part of a larger U. Supervised by el Kaliouby, along with Professor Rosalind W. Although iSET is being used to help those with autism, some have joked about using it as a dating device, something that el Kaliouby does not dismiss.

By the end of my graduate studies, I was able to create a prototype of a simple computer system. Six years later, el Kaliouby met Picard during her doctoral dissertation at Cambridge. The two joined forces, and el Kaliouby became a research scientist at MIT. Dividing her time between Egypt and the United States, el Kaliouby conducted research on the measurement of user experiences, human-computer interaction, personal robotics and learning contexts.

For her thesis, she developed a facial expression reading algorithm and even got the chance to show her work to Picard, who was visiting Cambridge. It was there that they explored the first application of their technology with people on the autism spectrum. Yet, the imposter syndrome so many women struggle with initially kept her from pursuing the job. I was my own biggest obstacle. Once she convinced herself she could do it, the board unanimously voted her in.


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