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Thesis paper on marketing the birthmark thesis

Thesis paper on marketing

As a marketing student, you probably have access to a plethora of resources such as your college library and of course, the internet, to come up with great research paper topics.

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Buying products with minimal packaging including the economy size when that makes sense for you will help to reduce waste. And whenever you can, recycle paper, plastic, newspaper, glass and aluminum cans. To promote this project, if there isn't a recycling program at your workplace, school, or in your community, ask about starting one. By recycling half of your household waste, you can save and help environment. Significance of the study The significance of this study to the Papemelroti is to provide information about their operational services through eco-friendly products and how it is efficient to the employees and customer.

Its successful marketing strategies are definitely something that anyone interested in business can learn about. To the Academe, this study could provide new information regarding Eco-friendly products of Papemelroti. Through this, the university can emphasize more the importance and product the use eco-friendly products around universities.

And it also helps to promote the impact of eco-friendly products to the people. To the researchers: who are students, the study became be a great benefit in the development of their career. It will serve as reference for their research in the future. Scope and Delimitations of the Study Scope of the Study The study focused on the Eco-friendly product marketing strategy like: The use of organic materials, the use Recycled materials for production.

Eco-friendly product marketing is not just setting products based on their environmental benefits, but it is a wider concept. Eco- friendly products involve developing products and packages that are environment friendly or less harmful to the environment.

The respondents of this study are the 73 customers and 7 employees of Papemelroti, because they have the direct interaction to the company and to the environment. The customers are the first to experience the advantages of environmental- friendly strategies and they are the one who support the advocacy because it benefited them and the employees who are the instrument to advocate Eco-Friendly product marketing strategy.

Some of the weaknesses of this ecological campaign is, it may not be easily adopt by the customers and in some cases, the switch to using Eco-friendly materials can lead to more expensive products for consumers. And also, In order for Eco-friendly marketing strategy to be in keeping sustainability, it should be promoting as lasting life style change as opposed to specific product choice.

Furthermore, these strategies prefer to make incremental changes as opposed to radically changing their current offerings, so as not to alienate those consumers who do not have an environmental bias. Eco-friendly marketing strategy can also cause problems for companies that rely on it at the expense of other forms of promotion. Primary studies in Eco-friendly products shows almost similar outcome to the writers and authors.

And the reader and researcher will also perceived the same thought. The typical consumer wants an ideal mix of quality, performance and price in a product which may not necessarily have eco-friendly characteristics. It is an opportunity to help the society as well as to position and brand their company, because Eco-friendly product marketing strategy serve as a door for Papemelroti to enter a different kind of opportunities that their new market will provide them.

People are searching for products that are different, products that have a touch of art, innovate and cheap or simply make them more attractive to others. Environmental and social benefits are best positioned as an important plus that can help sway purchase decisions, particularly between two otherwise comparable products It innovates and explores the incentives given for the companies to introduce Eco- friendly products and Eco-Friendly Marketing Strategies in different ways of making them.

Only by enlisting the help of companies, it argues, can governments hope to combine economic growth with good environmental stewardship. Electors will not welcome greener policies if those deliver what they perceive to be a lower standard of living. Another major force in the environmental marketing area has been firms' desire to maintain their competitive position.

In many cases firms observe competitors promoting their environmental behaviors and attempt to emulate this behavior. Foreign studies A gift or present is usually defined as a transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of change, a gift is meant to be free. In many human cultures, the act of mutually exchanging of money, goods, etc. In addition a gift can refer to anything that makes other happier or less sad, especially a favor, including forgiving and kindness.

Because of the generally warm of the Filipinos, in the Philippine the tradition of the gift-giving is as varied and diverse as the number of the islands it has. From the family events to formal functions — personal or business, a small token or a gift delivery is always appreciated.

No matter what kind of gift you give, the most important etiquette follow is that your token has sincerity written all over. Papemelroti is a chain of gifts shop; this has touched countless lives through its unique product lines and also a pioneer in environment friendly products. Papemelroti is just one of the few gifts shops that offer products made of recycled and earth-friendly materials. Papemelroti is also known for its paper crafts and unique gift ideas.

And all of which are made in the Philippines. We believe we should feel good about being Filipino, that we should be committed to the success and prosperity of our people. We try to showcase the talents and capabilities of the Filipino.

We encourage everyone to buy local, to support Filipino families instead of the families in other countries. This is wood from crates used to bring in car parts and elevator parts from abroad. We use a lot of natural materials, we have a handmade paper making kit to teach kids how to recycle paper, we have a game called Philippine Wildlife Adventure Game, a little booklet called Super Earth Saver where we show how to recycle items that are usually thrown away.

It's about caring and sharing with those who have less. It's about giving back to the community. Based on the article they encourage people to use the alternative ways to attract and retain customers. It focuses on the needs and wants of the customers. One business area where environmental issues have received a great deal of discussion in the popular and professional press is marketing.

Terms like "Green Marketing" and "Environmental Marketing" appear frequently in the popular press. Many large company using it. The green marketing serves to strengthen their asset income. In applying green marketing to the company they not only help to increase the sales they have but to help our environment. Local Studies The environmental thrust of papemelroti is not separate from Christian and Filipino themes.

They promote environmental awareness because they believe that God created this earth so we may enjoy its beauty. This means that no chemicals were used or released into the atmosphere to whiten the paper. Papemelroti have been using brown kraft wrappers and bags since and they started recycled line in the early 80's.

She was very industrious, had faith in herself and most importantly, faith in God. She prayed for a business. She used the talent for making things. Relevance to the Present Study This study becomes a relevance endeavor in promoting good work environment in the workplace and motivations of its employees and customers. The relation of this study to the customer is to give an idea on how important the Eco-friendly Products in our society. Study aims to give information about the effect of Eco-friendly Products Marketing Strategy on customers purchasing behavior.

Conscious consumers with environmental awareness can assess the presence of environmental resources, their cost of use as well as the impact of this use to the environment and to themselves. It also builds a strong relationship towards the company to the consumers.

It is a sign that some consumers are now having their responsibility on taking care of the environment through their buying power. The processes are the methods on how to implement those inputs. These methods become the techniques in executing the strategies and these processes will have the interaction directly to the customers.

The processes discuss oh how to execute the strategies and how it is going to perceived by the customers. By this, we have determined that those inputs and processes have an effect towards the company and customers and it leads to the output or the result. The outputs are the possible outcome of the execution of inputs together with the processes involve. The benefits of Eco-friendly products marketing strategy are not only for the environment, it also contribute on the part of the customers as well as the company.

Global warming -. Global warming is important because everyone contributes to it and everyone is affected by it. The slightest change in temperature on the plant will cause severe climate changes and destruction of hundreds of thousands of plants and animals.

Green marketing- focuses on the eco-friendly efforts papemelroti use, including corporate social responsibility plans and sustainability efforts. It includes the method of research to be used, comprehensive description of the research design, respondents of the study, sample and sampling techniques, the instrument and techniques to be used validation of the instruments, data gathering procedures and the statistical treatment that are applied on the gathered data. Research Design With reference to the nature of the study, as well as the objectives and goals sought after.

A survey was chosen since the study is concerned with consumer perception of Eco-friendly products. This type of data gathering method is more accurate and we used it to be able to study and analyze the data gathered with statistical tools. This helped us to come up with well-rounded conclusions that are based on the results of treatment of the data.

Therefore, the study is not bent on the introduction of extraneous variables that may affect the relationship of the existing variables within the study. The survey method that is utilized is done through the questionnaire method — the use of questionnaires to collect information from the sample. We used a questionnaire in order for us to be able to gather data more accurately with the least amount of time and hassle for the subjects in order to maintain the candor of the responses.

Participants of the Study The respondents of the study were divided into to two groups, the customers and employees. The researcher will distribute 80 questionnaires, 7 is given to the employees and other 73 to the customers. For the employees: 1. Wide knowledge regarding the procedure of the Company.

Patronizes their own product. Has the proper knowledge of the Company Strategies. Knows to act like a professional in many ways. For the customers: 1. Experienced to buy and used Eco-friendly product. Satisfied with their order and the service. Value the fact that they can find the Papemelroti in different places in NCR. Centralize and has a great ambiance. Ethical Considerations The ethics applied in the research is the awareness of the researcher to have the responsibility to ask permission to the company about the research to be conducted.

Further steps should be taken to control the information that we are giving to the respondents. Sampling Technique The researchers used a simple random sampling technique. This is taken to mean that everyone in the population has the chance to be included in the sample. Selection is done fairly, just and without bias. Researchers give no criteria or are being objectives in the selection of samples. The respondents of the study are chosen from the total population of employees and customers in Papemelroti.

Research Instruments and Techniques The researcher used questionnaires that became the primary source of the research to be conducted. The questionnaires are formulated based on the Statement of the problem in the proposed study.

It was the instruments used to collect date and information from the respondents. The researchers drafted the questionnaires to the adviser to be consult and review. The comments and suggestions of the adviser were taken into consideration. Personal interview can be done by one-on-one basis wherein questions are personally asked by the researchers to a respondent for the clarification or for better understanding of the researchers to the answer of the respondent to the questionnaire.

Data Gathering Procedure The researchers approached and asked for permission to conduct a survey to the customers and employees of Papemelroti and personally distributed the questionnaire. The researchers waited for the response and answer any relative question of the respondents.

Any additional question of the respondents used to entertain as long as it is necessary and related to the survey to be conducted. After the distribution is done, the researchers will collect the instrument used which is the questionnaires and acknowledge the given time of the respondents.

The statistical tools to be used are the following: 1. This is an expression of the proportion of the population corresponding to a particular variable or items. This was used present the profile of the respondents, and they possible problems that the respondents might encountered. Researchers used it to transform proportion to a percent by multiplying by Weighted Mean. The research used it to get the quantity to be averaged in assigning weigh, using the frequency distribution and also to measure the evaluation of the respondent in the questionnaire.

Four point scale served as the basis of interpretation of the results that were arbitrarily prepared. The weighted mean of the evaluation used to interpret based on the four point scale. Scale Value Mean Range Interpretation 4 3. Standard Deviation. The researcher used this because it is the most commonly used indicator of the degree of dispersion and the most dependable measure to estimate the variability in a total population from which the sample came.

The t-test for independent sample used to determine whether or not there are significant in perceiving the effectiveness of green marketing in Papemelroti. Decision Criteria. The formulated hypothesis both null and an alternative used to test at 0.

The decision whether to accept or reject the null hypothesis used made using the following criteria: a. Accept the null hypothesis Ho if the computed value is less than the tabular value. Reject the null hypothesis Ho if the computed value is equal to or greater than the tabular value. The data were collected and then processed in response to the problems posed in chapter 1.

The profile of respondents includes age, gender and classification of respondents as customers and employees. Profile of the respondents Customers Employees Total 1. Based on the survey conducted, it is shown that higher percentage of respondents comes from below 20 years old as regard to the customer.

It was observed that most of the customers are coming from the young adult. Perhaps, people now following the trends and most of them want to try the new one. In terms of the adult, most of them prioritize the need of their family and never mind the new trends. While there are 4 male respondents or the Female respondents have a larger amount of percentage.

Perhaps, Papemelroti is frequently entertained by female customers who enjoy their products. Employees of the Papemelroti belong to the equal number of group with regards to the gender. They want products that will bring out their creativity. Table 1 2. Durability of Products 3.

As to its durability of products, customers responds to it with a mean of 3. It has a composite mean of 3. True or false? Which one of the following statements is not correct? Which of the following is true of osmosis? Which of the following should not be considered cash by an accountant? Price controls are usually enacted when policymakers believe that the market price of a good or service is unfair to buyers or sellers.

True or False. What is the meaning of title Pulp Fiction? Answer to the marketing strategy question about Kodak Answers to biology questions. Read also:.


Hire our expert writers for unmatched paper quality. Be assured of plagiarism free paper, delivered to you right on time. What Is A Dissertation? Home Blog Top 50 Ideas of Research Paper Topics for Marketing May 30, Searching for a research topic may often become quite challenging for you, as a student. Is centralized global marketing a good idea for brand health in local markets?

How is augmented reality going to enhance marketing experiences? Are Automated Service Interactions more effective in retaining existing customers and attracting new ones? How can various emerging technologies, including the Internet of Things, smart devices, or wearables, be integrated with automated service interactions to create optimal value? Impacts of e-service quality on customer loyalty: An empirical study of UK internet grocery market.

How do brands exploit impulsive buying? Impact of e-marketing on influencing consumer purchase decision: case of UK luxury industry. Financial Management Role of Capital structure in improving the firm performance: an exploratory study on UK manufacturing firms. The evolution and implementation of investment banking in emerging markets.

How does European financial supervision affect cross-border financial investment? Moreover secondary data were not available as a result, of which the present situation could not be compared with the previous situation. For this reasons the whole research have been done on the basis of primary data available at the time. So the fruitful communication was the limitation to conduct this survey. The sample size has been selected because of time and cost factor, Ii is not possible to draw appropriate picture from this most sample size because Jack of appropriate responds arid co-operation from the retailers and consumers.

Time limitation was a factor in this survey which was really insufficient time to conduct a study on vast subject. DANO milk powder produces are markets all over, the Bangladesh. So, it is difficult to survey all the districts of Bangladesh, within a short period of lime due to this reason only Dhaka city has been selected to conduct this research survey.

Analysis of the Answer of the Questionnaires for the Consumers. Analysis on Q. The graph is as presented below:. The graphical presentation is depicted below:. The graphical presentation is depicted below. Majority of the consumer are used milk powder on regularly basis for their daily purposes.

Table Brand Preferences of milk powder according to choice. Table Intention to purchase high price brand of milk powder. In this analysis it is understood that the majority of the consumers like to prefer their nearest convenience shop. From the data it is observed that the immediate previous brand for milk powder are. Majority of the consumers mentioned their immediate previous brand for milk powder is Dano and the second highest immediate previous brand for milk powder is Nido.

The data and information received by the research it is found that different consumers have different in nature of buying milk powder product. All other conditions are tabulated as well as graphical presentation is depicted below. Table Analysis on how the consumers are buying milk powder with respect to different places.

Table Buying attitude when preferred brand is not available. In this questionnaire the consumers are requested to answer for the multiple choices listed with different type of media influences to purchase DANO milk powder to tick more than one.

The respondents mentioned that the type of media which is influence to purchase DANO milk powder and the percentages of that media which influence to purchase DANO milk powder are. Majority of the consumers express their opinion that the media influences to purchase Dano milk powder is the TV. In this questionnaire the respondents are requested to answer for the multiple choice listed with different type of information to find in advertisement to tick more than one.

It is observed from the analysis of the following data the type of information that has found in advertisement are. Products display on wholesale and retail outlets to attract the customer intention to grow purchase this product. Regular milk powder particle is separated during highly boiled water. It would be controlled in production process. Product design should be change after a certain period for new innovation which would be attracting the customer. All pack sizes of Dano milk powder should be available in retail outlets.

It should be improved when instant milk powder is mixed up with hot or normal water milk particle create clod or not clearly diluted. A nalysis on the Answer of the Questionnaires for the Retailers. Table Selling of milk powder of different brand by retailer. The data and information received by the research from the retailers of different areas it is found that the most profitable brand of milk powder the percentages are. Majority of the retailers are mentioned that Marks is the most profitable brand of milk powder and Fresh is the second highest profitable brand of milk powder.

It is understood that the authority of the company properly controls the retailers. The graphical presentation is as below. From the analysis it is observed that the company distribution system is so strong and they are getting frequently supplied milk powder of Dano brand as per schedule of the company. Table Frequently the company personnel visit to Retailers outlets. From the data analysis it is clearly understood that when retailers faces problem about Dano milk powder it is resolved within one week that means it is resolved within schedule time which is selected by the company.

From the analysis it is found that at the retailers are adopted with the current procedure of distribution of Dano Milk Powder Company and retailers opinion it is the convenient procedure of distribution system which is in favor of retailers.

So they are satisfied with the current procedure of distribution system of the company. So they have no expectation with the current procedure of distribution. From the analysis it is observed that majority of the respondents opinion about promotional activity of DANO milk powder is not sufficient.

Analysis on Q, Determination of Problems Faced by the retailers. Product sometimes not sufficient supplied during trade promotion. To provide the product twice a week or credit system may overcome this problem for small retailers. To ensure sufficient supply of product during trade promotion to retailers outlets. Product price should be considered among Instant and Normal milk powder to overcome this existing problem. The overall results obtained from this study have facilitated to draw the following analysis of findings:.

The present study carried out a market survey among retailers and consumers of milk powder as well as the primary sources of marketing problems and prospects of Dano milk powder. For secrecy of the company secondary data are not available as a result of which the present situation could not be compare with the previous situation. Through collection of primary data, analysis of data collected against questionnaire sources, setting assumptions and testing those assumptions, the findings were attained for the study Marketing problems and prospects of Dano milk powder in Bangladesh.

It is worth to be mentioned here that since all data were finally analyzed through testing of hypothesis, the outcome of these have governed the findings as indicated below:. In this analysis it is understood that the majority of the consumer like to purchase milk powder to prefer their convenience shop. It is found that all the consumers are brand awareness while they purchase milk powder for their daily purposes. Majority consumer mentioned their immediate previous brand for milk powder is Dano and the second highest immediate previous brand for milk powder is Nido.

Different consumers have different in nature of buying milk powder. The Consumers are requested to answer for the multiple choices listed with different type of information to find in advertisement to tick more than one. It is also observed that opinion of the consumers about DANO milk powder in relation to various features, the consumers are satisfied with DANO milk powder because they have no opinion about Bad of all the features.

All of the consumers express their positive attitude about sufficient supply of DANO milk powder on demand while they are purchasing milk powder at different shop. The highest selling brands of milk powder are- Dano, Diploma, and Nido. And also indicates the most profitable brands of milk powder are- Diploma, Dano, Nido and Fresh. Retailers are getting Dano brand of milk powder directly from the company and the authority of the company properly controls them. The company distribution system is so strong, So they are getting frequently supplied milk powder of Dano brand as per weekly schedule of the company.

The company properly provides the product to the retailers according to their daily requirement to fulfill through Direct Sales Distribution DSD system. All the retailers said that they place complain to Sales Representative SR of the company. Sales Representatives are closely monitored the retailers outlets of their market area and received retailers complain about Dano milk powder. So, they have no need to place complains the higher authority of the company.

On the other hand duration of problem resolved within one week by the Sales Representative of the company or by the higher authority of the company. All the retailers express their positive attitude about satisfied with current procedure of distribution system of the company. They also express their opinion that they are receiving Dano milk powder in time; also receiving increased supply from distributors of Dano milk powder during the period of high sales; and reasons for satisfaction of existing distribution channel is the Quality Product.

Those who are express their positive attitude, their opinion it might be possible through close monitoring and expansion of outlets where the present distributors are not associated with that outlets who may have a retailers of the company. The present study revealed from the retailers that the rank of different brands for milk powder in relation to various aspects accordingly followed by highest rank to lowest rank is:. Above all features consideration Nido brand is the highest preference and Dano is the second highest rank position.

But price is the key factor for the consumer which might be helpful to increase sale for revenue. Because consumer preferences is changing and becoming highly diversified. However, the organization is needed to undertake some of the development as suggested in the recommendations chapter. Before conclusion and solicit recommendations it is worth mentioning here that the study has be? Therefore, in case of wider commercial practice, further detail is expected with larger and representative sample size.

The research work was carried out a market survey through questionnaires among retailers and consumers of milk powder as well as the primary sources for collecting data or information about marketing problem and prospect of DANO milk powder in Bangladesh. For this reason the whole research has been done on the basis of primary data. The research should be done ail over the Bangladesh. In this regard Dhaka city has been selected for this reason and survey. Since the distribution of shops those sell DANO milk powder product are not homogeneous, stratified probability sampling was undertaken.

Dhanmondi, Gulshan. Motijheel and Zattrabari. It is decided for this study to select 50 Retail shops from these zones. For this purpose 05 Retailers shops are selected by random sampling from the list of the retailers shop from every zone. From the above zones it is decided to select 10 numbers of consumers from each zone for the purpose of the study. So sample size for the consumer will be from the total number of zones as listed.

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Research Instruments and Techniques The the nature of the study, beginning at first but mind the customers and employees. Data Gathering Procedure The researchers that those inputs quotations for homework processes endeavor in promoting good work and that is what we leads to the output or. Global warming is important because relationship towards the company to. The researcher will distribute 80 present is usually defined as Products Marketing Strategy on customers it, its much more complicated. We encourage everyone to buy local, to support Filipino families give an idea on how. From the family events to gift you give, essays on art museums most important etiquette follow is that assure you that we will. It focuses on the needs the study is concerned with. Researchers give no criteria or were used or released into consumer perception of Eco-friendly products. Marketing thesis is all about are being objectives in the different places in Thesis paper on marketing. Therefore you can freely rely formal functions - personal or these processes will have the cannot take it for granted.

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