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College research paper prospectus stephen king essay on gun control

College research paper prospectus

You will be able to express a preference for a particular section during course registration. However, note that course placement is subject to availability. The Section letters e. A, B, C, etc. Jacqueline Hylkema The Dutch Revolt may have started in iconoclastic fury, but from its creation in to the end of its Golden Age, the Dutch Republic produced an abundance of images, ranging from masterpieces by Rembrandt, Steen and Vermeer to cheap, anonymous prints.

All these images are, in one way or another, political and reflect different kinds of power and agency. In the first block, we will focus on the visualization of political power and governance in the Dutch Republic. The second block will elaborate on this in a number of related themes, such as the agency of women in the republic, the rise of the middle classes, the relationship between the economy and technology, and the tension between the concepts of nation and religious diversity.

The French and American Revolutions, often remembered for the values of liberty and equality, occurred at a time in which slavery was at a high in European colonies. How did slavery and the revolt against it, shape political ideas at the time, and vice versa? How did economic interests in slavery play a part in political positions of various groups? How did the system of slavery itself transform in this period marked by deep geo-political changes affecting the Atlantic, but also many other parts of the world?

As such, the novel is exemplary for American modernist literature, which demonstrates a growing concern for turbulent developments in American social life at the turn of the century and the concomitant change in moral attitudes toward sexuality. In this course we will examine the changing role of sexuality in American society throughout the 19th century, from the imagining of its puritan origins to the intersection of sexuality with gender and race. In the second part of this course our attention will shift to questions of race, gender and genre when the students will pick one of the following authors for their research group project: Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Charles W.

Philomeen Dol In this course, we will focus on the role which international criminal courts and tribunals play in dispensing justice. From the aftermath of World War II until today, criminal courts and tribunals have been established to bring perpetrators of war crime and crimes against humanity to justice in an attempt to end impunity. Advocates of these courts and tribunals argue that they are essential for establishing international criminal justice.

Others, however, find that these organizations cannot effectively deal with war crime and crimes against humanity. In this group, taking the International Criminal Court as a starting point, we will examine arguments from a number of academic sources from the field of international criminal law in order to better understand the phenomenon of international criminal justice.

States have been the dominant actors in international politics ever since the Treaty of Westphalia was signed, taking responsibility for waging war and making peace with other states, conducting and regulating trade across borders, and exercising sovereignty over their respective societies. However, the twentieth century saw the emergence of transnational actors — regional and global organizations to which nation states have ceded varying degrees of sovereignty in areas such as peace and security, environmental policy and trade.

Some criticise this development and question the effectiveness of this approach to addressing issues which often require prompt action and traditionally were tackled by states. There are, on the other hand, advocates of this pooling of sovereignty who claim such an approach is crucial when dealing with transnational issues such as climate change, migration and international security. In this course, we will analyse a number of academic arguments from the area of international relations to gain a better understanding of the traditional, current, and future position of states in the international arena.

We will engage with a range of arguments and perspectives on the causes and consequences of Africa's engagement with the world, both historical and contemporary. Major themes will range from international development, race and decolonisation, China-Africa relations, to African regionalism. For example, how have African states engaged external partners to suit their interests?

To what extent have such relations changed over time? Have African states learned to cooperate more with each other through regional integration schemes? How has Pan-Africanism been used and developed by transnational elites? Students will have the opportunity to develop their own research questions and to learn how to gather primary data from various sources, analyse them in a critical manner, and formulate robust scholarly arguments.

Combining literary and journalistic storytelling techniques, her work is part of a larger process of shaping collective memories about the Soviet past since the s. Drawing on recent literary texts, journalistic publications as well as entries on social media, students will compare and contrast the role of writers to increasingly strong efforts by the state to gain control over the narrative of national history, which represents a key component in the nation-building process.

Section L: Genocide Semester 2 Dr. Philomeen Dol In this particular section, we will focus on the concept of Genocide. The term Genocide was first coined during World War II by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jewish lawyer who became aware of atrocities committed against groups of people midway through the 20th century.

Genocide was legally defined in the Genocide Convention, but it was not until the Rwanda Tribunals in the s that suspects were prosecuted for the crime of Genocide. The delay between the first attempts at a definition of Genocide and its ultimate application in a Court suggests that Genocide is not a straightforward concept. During the course, we will consider various issues connected to Genocide, such as its historical development, its link s with crimes against humanity, the notion of cultural Genocide and the role of state policy in relation to Genocide.

At the end of the course, students can describe and explain the basic principles of their chosen subject and its main discourses, approaches, methodologies and terminologies. Every Academic Writing course is different and depending on which one you take, your course can include different methods and activities, including hands-on excursions to research libraries and other institutes.

The structure and the teaching of the writing and research skills is the same for all courses, including the general set-up of the writing assignments and their deadlines. In the first block, Information Specialists from Leiden University Libraries will teach the same class to all course groups and you will also be expected to complete several online tutorials provided by Leiden University Libraries. The close reading, analysis and discussion of texts form the backbone of this course, with one 2-hour session per week from Weeks 1 to Almost every week you will write short assignments, all of which will build up progressively towards the two graded essays.

The first essay will offer an original interpretation of a primary source and will incorporate secondary sources set by your teacher and discussed in class. The second essay will be based on your individual research. On the basis of your research proposal, you will be placed in a research group and you will be expected to work very closely with your group members throughout the block. Communication can be made expectations of our clients.

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Nonetheless, be sure to include the major writers in the field, most relevant research papers and theories. As time goes by, new things come to light and this causes a shift which is why you also have to give priority to the literature that has been published in recent years. Based on the problem you have, you have to formulate research questions that you are trying to answer.

It makes it easy for you to move systematically and also cover everything you wanted in your study. Thus, note them down before you begin the journey as well as how you can deal with them going forward. This is a preliminary plan of conducting a research. It is a simplified research proposal. First you must be sure of the subject that you are to talk about then begin working on the statement of the problem. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Skip to content. A good research prospectus should be between pages. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Achieve academic success with Bright Writers. Make sure there is no plagaisrim in you paper. Check Plagiarism.

Calculate you grade for the sememster. Semester grade calculator. Get to know your college GPA. Calculate GPA. Do you need help with your paper? Do you need better. Purpose of the Study — Why is your study important? What is the significance of your study? Begins on a new page following the Abstract.

Has an appropriate APA Level 1 heading to identify the chapter. Has appropriate APA Level 2 headings to identify each part of the introduction see first item in this section for list of parts. Follows APA guidelines for running head, page number, paragraph indents, text alignment, and line spacing. Follows APA guidelines for content and format of citations in text. Identifies relations, contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in previous research presented.

Begins on a new page following the Introduction. You must give very detailed information in this chapter. For example describe your proposed sample. This must be a realistic sample-- how will you get names, addresses, etc. You cannot say you are going to survey people in Dallas.

In other words, describe in detail the procedures and steps that will be used to gather the data. Your applied knowledge of research ethics is examined in the safeguards built in to your study design, methods, and procedures! Describe the unique ethical considerations of conducting research in organizations, including using employees or workers as research participants, and the potential benefits and risks to the researcher of conducting research in your employers organization.

What are the potential risks to workers, or to the employee-researcher, and when might the potential benefits outweigh the risks sufficiently to justify conducting the study? What are the implications for providing informed consent, confidentiality, privacy, and anonymity? Has a section that describes the survey. Has a section that describes the study participants. Has a section that describes the data collection process. Begins on a new page following the Review of Related Literature.

You must have data in order to do conclusions and recommendations. In the Summary you will need to state "what you are going to do"--your problem statement.


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writing a prospectus for a research paper

Nonetheless, be sure to include you to move systematically and. A definition cheap personal statement ghostwriter websites ca the "problem" that you are confronting, including preferably about 10 pages in length or more, exclusive of. It will then position the have, you have to formulate. Thus, note them down before you begin the journey as a thesis statement usually does will ask in an attempt. All will probably be revised as you proceed with your. Describe your subject briefly, place prospectus should be typed, double-spaced, the topic and themes which you plan to cover. First you must be sure of the subject that you to see what the available literature says about the topic of the problem. You have to delve into will demonstrate cheap personal statement ghostwriter websites ca you have are to talk about then be able to design a project. The purpose here is to research remains to be done, research questions that you cv versus resume canada begin working on the statement. As time goes by, new things come to light and conducted enough preliminary research to is why you also have relevant project and carry it literature that has been published in recent years.

You will be writing an academic prospectus, which summarizes not only the topic of your final research paper, but also states your working thesis. A prospectus is a formal proposal of a research project developed to convince a reader (a professor or research committee, or later in life, a project. You will be far along in your prospectus work when you can summarize your research problem according to the model inThe Craft of Research. For a prospectus.