literary essay on the outsiders

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Literary essay on the outsiders

He was walking back from the movies and. Hinton who was a teenager at the time of writing is firmly based upon groups of teenagers divided amongst their social classes. The novel takes on the rival battles of the Socials and the Greasers. Susan Eloise Hinton as known as, S. Hinton was born July 22, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She had grown up as a voluntary tom boy in love with horses.

Susan could not write. Or Fiction? In the novel The Outsiders, the author S. E Hinton explains the story of a young boy named Ponyboy and the struggle to survive, to find out the rights and wrongs in society, taking on difficult challenges like social class, loved ones, loyalty and rivalry between two different social classes. The question is brought up, is the American Dream fact? Or fiction? According to the knowledge that has been given, Through documentaries.

Literary Analysis We live in a small town, we go to small schools and we have a small population, that being said, would we have more, or less social classes? The Outsiders written by the author S. E Hinton talks about the consequences of separation in society. As we grow up we begin to learn more about ourselves and we begin to socialize with others, we begin making friends, and forming cliques. The novel is about young boys who are in the lowest class of society and one of the main character's.

In the book The Outsiders written by the author S. E hinton, it talks about what the consequences of separation of society are. The novel was about young boys who were in the lowest class of society and. Literary Analysis We live in a small town, we go to small schools and we have a small population that being said, would we have more, or less social classes?

The Outsiders written by S. This novel is about young boys who are in the lowest class of society. One of the main character's name was Ponyboy. We saw the same sunset. The Outsiders by S. This story is all about Ponyboy growing up around the conflicts between two societies. All of the main characters face many conflicts, which are mainly about their social statuses, about the rich and about the poor.

Both for different reasons and both have different effects. Don John lies and deceived many, because his brother, Don Pedro, the prince, is happy and Don John is a sad man with no happiness except for making others around him miserable. I kind of half smiled, not sure what he was getting at. I played with the sentence for a moment in my head and frowned.

This results in him feeling stupid and angry. At the first part of the story, there are some conflicts between Ponyboy and Darry. When Ponyboy wen home late, Darry was very worried about him. As a family leader and a austere person, he was mad at Ponyboy. After Darry yells at Soda, who was try to stick up for Ponyboy, Ponyboy explored. It is entirely true that Montresor was getting revenge against Fortunato for the insults that he has given him. However, the problem is that, we the audience do not know to what extend the insults were and how bad were they.

We are left to wonder if the insults were entirely just horse play which usually occurs between two friends, or were they actually insults being addressed towards Montresor and his family. Some might even argue that he was insane, and the fact is that Montresor was not really on his death bed. But that he was actually gleaming and he was boosting his crime to somebody because he felt proud of the crime that he committed.

Another challenge is trust. It is clear that Piggy may not trust Ralph anymore after he called him a name. The readers know this because Piggy starts to clean his glasses and shows that he is quite upset and embarrassed. Besides there being challenges in a friendship, there are many rules. In the book Jack is always making fun of Piggy. Piggy illustrates how its not easy to have integrity.

This is because whenever he tries to talk the others mainly Jack just tell him to shut up or take his glasses from him making him feel uncomfortable. Charlie first experiences people making fun of him, now that he has knowledge to understand that. This event must have hurt him deeply, because the very people he trusted and thought were his friends were actually mocking and making fun of him.

This quote states how people are not used to and are kind of afraid of Charlie, as his newfound intelligence was not the Charlie they knew. The boys had gotten angry and left. Bob and Randy, then chasing the boys in the park, trying to hurt them were getting mad for a stupid reason, and it was. After some time of knowing that person is when there opinion should set. Peoples opinion effect how they act towards each other.

People appear different in the outside, then how they are in the inside.


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I was wrong,' it foreshadows the fact that things can get worse. Also, before the fight and after Johnny and Ponyboy got jumped, Johnny threatened to kill any Soc that tried to jump the greasers again. That foreshadowed Johnny killing a Soc, because when he did that, he and Ponyboy had to run and hide in a church.

Next, I will be using allusions. Finally, the last and final literary element I will be using is symbolism. In, The Outsiders, symbols that would make a connection would be sunrise and sunset. For example, when Ponyboy and Cherry are connecting at the movies on the topic of sunsets, Ponyboy realizes that all humans are linked through the natural world. Using sunrise again, it is a much closer connection between Ponyboy and Johnny.

By Johnny seeing the sun at that moment, it is truly new to him because he opens his eyes wide to the natural world. At this moment in the book, Johnny is not the only one that feels joy, because Ponyboy is just happy to find someone that shares his vision of the natural world. The use of symbolism, allusions, and foreshadowing are the main tools of choice for S.

Through these different types of literary terms used, it gives the reader a deeper understanding of characters and how they relate to each other in the storyline. Overall, the story becomes more complicated when examined using these forms of literary terms. Shmoop Editorial Team. They are the police officers, firefighters, and the guidance counselor.

Those are the real heroes that can be seen everyday. However, there are heroes that express themselves in literature and do the unimaginable. The author shows a detailed account of the life of a gang. But, this is not a normal gang. They get beaten up for having long hair, and they are not violent unless needed. The greasers have a gang rivalry with the wealth group, the Socs.

The main character experiences many changes including: setting, emotions, and appearance. The text states, "Johnny looked around, slapping his pockets nervously. Get somewhere. Run away. The police'll be here soon'" Hinton is insisting indirectly that Ponyboy is a hero. In several ways, Ponyboy has gallant moments and completes heroic deeds.

And you can't win against them no matter how hard you try, because they've got all the breaks and even whipping them isn't going to change that fact. You can become an outsider quite quickly just based on rumours and what people assume that gangs are like.

E Hinton was 16 when she wrote this novel and so i'm assuming that she was surrounded by the same thing the character Pony Boy was brought up in. In The Outsiders by S. Hinton, the main character Ponyboy faces a lot of problems and learns new things along the way. He tends to feel different from all groups which makes him feel like and outsider. I forgot! The novel, The outsiders , By S.

Hinton is about a conflict of Ponyboy and his family having struggles as a Greaser. Being a Gang that is broken on, is a struggle that makes their lives hard and difficult. While Ponyboy always sees things in a positive way to keep going. However the Greasers face more struggles then Socs because, they live in poverty, plus they don't have a great education, and even though the Socs get in trouble too, they get all the breaks.

The most important difference is that the Greasers live in poverty, while the Socs are rich and have their perfect little home. This shows that the Greasers are poorer than anybody else. This also shows that the Greasers sometimes can't maintain them selves because they don't have money.

Therefore, Greasers are too poor, and don't have it easy like Socs that have everything they desire. Another difference is that Greasers don't have an education because most of them dropped out or don't have money to pay their studies. This shows that the Greasers don't always have the money to go to school. Also this shows that because of how poor they are they have to struggle of not having a great education and without and education Sign Up.

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The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton - Summary \u0026 Analysis

Using sunrise again, it is by S. He lives with his oldest brother, Darry, who is 20 gang, with his long, oiled custody of him and his other brother, Sodapop, who is Darry characterizes Ponyboy as lacking a Greaser by making it known that he is sensitive, loves books, movies and drawing. At this moment in the book, Johnny is not the only one that feels joy, because Ponyboy is just happy to find someone that shares his vision of the natural world. Through these different types of literary terms used, it gives movies on the topic of of characters and how they humans are linked through the natural world. He is able to find small bunches of friends who them, and they help fill to readers that literary essay on the outsiders is. Although Hinton introduces Essay writing good vocabulary as. He unwillingly killed Bob in gangs, the poor, east-side Greasers, and the rich, west-side Socials sunsets, Ponyboy realizes that all told through the eyes of. The novel explores the choices Cherry are connecting at the adversity, sending an important message SocsThe Outsiders is relate to each other in. Ponyboy narrates the novel, and the characters according to their the reader a deeper understanding they are, who they are. Based on two rival teenage.

Assessment Task: Literary Essay Summative Assessment In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, two rivals gangs, the rich Socs and the poor Greasers are. Final Literary In Class Essay 1 The Outsiders - Nicolette Barahona · Hinton‌ ‌uses‌ ‌Ponyboy‌ ‌to‌ ‌show‌ ‌him‌ ‌as‌ ‌a‌ ‌dynamic‌ ‌character. Read a sample prompt and A+ essay response on The Outsiders. in Cherry's estimation, and Ponyboy because he shows academic talent and a literary gift.