essay about dangerous minds

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Essay about dangerous minds

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She also shows interest in their personal lives and this shows the students that she cares for them. The students begin to trust her because of this and this makes it easier for her to teach them. As the movie progresses, the viewer sees the students mature from students who had no hope in life to students who are ready and willing to face the future.

At every stage of adolescent development, adolescents experience a crisis, which gives them an opportunity to grow. The crisis can be a turning point where the adolescent realizes that he or she is no longer a child and that he has to be responsible.

This can be caused by a positive or negative experience. In the movie, one of the female students, Callie, realizes that she has put her future in jeopardy because she is pregnant. She is forced to leave school before the end of the semester because of her pregnancy. She is advised to go to a school for teenage mothers and at first, she agrees despite the fact that it has poor academic standards.

Although she is a bright student who excels in English, the fact that she is in that particular class means that she does not see the benefits of education. The teacher manages to encourage the girl to stay in school and continue with her education despite the bureaucratic school rules.

An ecological model is a system of development that connects an individual with his or her environment. Human behavior can be determined by intrapersonal factors, interpersonal relationships, organizational factors, community factors and public policy. Community refers to the different social groups where a person belongs. Many students in the movie have experience violence in one form or another.

This is clearly seen in the way they talk about death and murder and the fact that some of them have joined gangs. One of the students, Emilio, is caught up in the violence and this is seen in the school and outside the school. It also affects the language they use. The students speak the same kind of language irrespective of where they are or whom they are addressing.

Their language only changes when they are reading something from one of the poems. Development is influenced by different environmental levels. These levels are the mesosystem, microsystem, macrosystem and exosystem. The microsystem is the immediate environment where a person has first hand experiences and it will influence how a person grows. This includes classroom and home interactions. One of the students, Durrell, is smart and he shows great potential. The home and the school environment are different for him.

While the teacher recognizes the great potential that he has, the mother believes that the student is better off working than studying. This ultimately affects the way the student sees himself. A mesosystem is a social context that involves the interaction of several microsystems. The home and the school are different environments for Durrell. They are supposed to work together for the betterment of the person but this is not the case for Durrell.

The fact that they are working at opposite extremes of each other shows that they are affecting his growth. The exosystem includes the social contexts that an individual might not interact with frequently although they will still influence him or her. Callie is forced to leave the school in the middle of the semester because of her pregnancy. The school for mothers-to be is an example of an exosystem. Though she does not interact with the school, it still affects her life because she is forced to choose it as an alternative.

The macrosystem is the underlying social and political climate at the level of society. The school administrator, Mr. Grandy, represents the power in the society, a position that he uses to his discretion.

His laws about following the school curriculum as has been set by the board of education do not seem to be working for the students and he opposes all efforts to change it. It affects the students because it denies them the opportunity to learn something else outside the school curriculum. He represents a sort of bureaucracy that may be evident in a section of the population. Apart from teaching in the classroom, the teacher takes on the role of being a cop and a psychologist.

She thinks that she is helping the students when she breaks up the fight in the school. She also tries to shield the students who were fighting from the school authorities. Later, she talks to the students who were involved in the fight and she tries to dig deeper to find out the reason why the students were fighting. As she is asking the student about the fight, the student asks her if she is going to try to psychologize her. Parenting styles determine how a child grows. Parents can use authoritative style, where they are both demanding and responsive.

Parents can also be authoritarian whereby they are very demanding and are no responsive. Another parenting style that parents can adopt is indulgence, whereby the parents are not demanding but they are responsive. Neglectful parents are not demanding and neither are they responsive.

This research exhibits the advantage of using a brand in a positive rather than a negative light. If possible, it would be better for the marketers to use a product in the movie in a positive context rather than associate it with a negative context. Likewise, it is perceived that young adults are mostly influenced by product placement because of the growing materialistic values among them.

The young adults purchase things. The story follows the court-martial of two U. Marines, who are charged with the murder of a fellow marine and the problems faced by the lawyers, of the accused, while preparing their defenses. Indeed, to explore the focus of analysis, the study will be completed by applying orientalism criticism proposed by Edward Said.

Thereby, this research will be a qualitative research where the data is taken from the film Avatar, library. To be saved from the dangers of the world by a handsome prince and live happily ever after. Children get an idea of how to play the role of their gender through these movies. Belle is the first character we really notice a defiance of gender stereotypes.

She is a nerdy, withdrawn girl who. On the surface, Dangerous Minds is a film about a teacher who helps her students to change their lives for the better. Johnson did not know that the kids she would be teaching were tough and rowdy kids that come from under-privileged backgrounds. As the film goes on, Ms. Johnson wins the hearts of her students by connecting with them and standing up for them against a resistant administration.

By doing this she inspires her students to reach their full potential. By the end of the film, her students are begging her to stay for another year because she has changed their lives for the better Smith et al. This sounds like …show more content… When Ms. Additionally, one student, Emilio, uses a harsh and aggressive tone towards her and also makes a sexual comment in order to try and get Ms.

Johnson to leave Smith et al. These help to prove that the message is that Ms. Johnson is a white savior archetype of the film that has students whose help the students are resistant to. Hughey explains that the last part of an archetype for a white savior teacher is that the students prove themselves to be the exception to the norm compared to the other nonwhites. This is seen through Callie, a pregnant teenager who returns to school because Ms.

Johnson convinces her to. Similarly, Ms.