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Reddit resume feedback


But you don't have to go it alone! Whether you're new to the field writing their first applications or an old hand looking to dust off their ol' CV, it can help to get some feedback from other professionals. Post your resumes here to receive helpful critiques and assist others' by commenting on their documents too.

Remove personal details like phone number or address or name and sub it for more generic information Jane Smith, , Croissant Crescent. You can also redact the names of companies or places you'd work if you'd like but try and replace it with something that indicates, you know, what it is. I recommend uploading in pdf format because it maintains the formatting the best.

Make sure you have set the privacy settings on your document to 'public' so others can see when you post! Copy and Paste the link here to post your documents for editing. Please include in your original post what type of document it is resume, CV, or coverletter , what field you work in or would like to work in this may help others assist you with tailoring your resume towards your field , and any specific questions you have about your documents i.

Or does my format have enough whitespace? Review each others others' documents. Do you love their header? Tell them! Should they move their education section down to the bottom? Let 'em know! Do they have a typo in their work history? Get on it. I graduated in December and have been working on building up my resume with a lot of work experience. This layout was recommended by my professors in the teacher education program so it may be a bit different from what you are used to seeing.

Please let me know how I can improve my resume. Thank you! For clarification, the 4 page format was required by my teacher education department because it is supposed to be printed on an 11X17 paper so that it folds. Cover, information inside, then references on back. I am going to see how I can change it when I'm applying for museum jobs rather than teaching jobs, since I agree that it is overwhelming if it isn't the style you're used to. I think having a big master result like this is super useful for when you come to apply to jobs.

Having something comprehensive allows you to move things around and tailor a lot more easily because it becomes a process of just whittling down to the most relevant details. That's great. There are a few things I would definitely remove: the high school for instance since you're a college - soon to be Master's - grad.

I like for those more extraneous areas to be no longer than my shortest job I put. But again you can pick and chose from that list depending on the job you're applying to. If it's a science centre gig throw in those sciencey conferences. If they require first aid, throw that in there. I would definitely scap the coverletter in applications to museum jobs and try to limit myself to a scant 2 pages max. I'm not sure - not American - but I've never given references if they were specifically asked for in the call for applications.

That's usually just something they ask for and I provide later. I kind of prefer it that way. Keeps everything nice and streamlined and also doesn't require me to give out that information unless they're actually interested. Hi All, I am a bit early in uploading my resume, many thanks for reviewing!

I am interested in collections or registrar work. I am looking for feedback in overall clarity and persuasiveness. Really any advice for improvement would be appreciated! Edit: I worked really, really hard to get my resume down to one page. I've tried to cut out all but the most relevant info. I love the design of your resume, it looks so clean and refreshing!

It is great that you got it down to one page, but potential employers may question the apparent gaps in employment. If you held other positions in those gaps you might want to at least think about including them - even if they don't seem relevant someone might see something they like. I worked hard to keep it clean. The other jobs I have had were all concurrent with my time in school or while holding other jobs so I've never been thaaaat worried about it.

Good point about never knowing what will attract people though. My big concern is having too many internships and not enough paid experience which is why I tend not to put my other internship on there. How much do you think that matters? Edit: The other jobs I've had were as an artist assistant for a well known artist and my college summer job which was maintaining a historical site no work with objects though -just fyi.

Oh, I like it. It's clean looking but interesting. Sometimes people go a little crazy with the edgy formatting and it gets confusing to skim but this is perfectly legible. You can easily scan it and pick out all the pertinent details - education, skills, experience.

Sadly none of the resume builders that we have reviewed and recommended have been mentioned by Redditors as a potential solution. In fact, there is even a subreddit where the credibility of LiveCareer is questioned — mostly due to the pricing policy that we also criticized — and to our shock My Perfect Resume has also shared the same fate.

But with regards to this, it is not at all surprising that most Redditors are looking for free of charge solutions. The three names we came across the most are Kedals. However, take user-recommended resume builders with a pinch of salt: many of the comments depicting these tools in a positive way are in fact written by the respective employees of these sites , reducing the already damaged credibility of these companies.

That is indeed a good question and it is hard to answer. Do not forget that the resume builders we feature in our articles are just recommendations ; it is your right to pick anything else or use a template you found on the internet. Resume companies offer limited free trials of their builders or a money back guarantee for those who have subscribed to their services but are, ultimately, far from satisfied with the services. Your email address will not be published. The Ultimate Tool?

Resume Builders: The Reddit-Supported List Sadly none of the resume builders that we have reviewed and recommended have been mentioned by Redditors as a potential solution. Kedals' Services.

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r/resumes: Post your résumé for critique, critique someone else's, or look for examples of résumés in your field. Could really use the feedback. r/Resume: A subreddit where people can get resume and cover letter help by anonymously submitting their resume for feedback and advice. Much better . 33 votes, 75 comments. Please request resume advice and critique in this thread. Example Resumes Not quite sure how to start? Here's something to .