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Ceh logo for resume

Adding the logo of your recent or major certifications might put focus on it. However, the certification should already be listed on your resume in text form. The overall impression of certification logos on resumes is that they look tacky and unprofessional.

In some cases, yes, it can actually look good, but in almost all cases it looks out of place. A lot of the resumes that are received by recruitment teams are sent to them via software systems. If they come via recruitment systems or job websites, they are usually scanned for keywords. Depending on the system, it may actually cause problems on the resume as well. The details of the certification should be listed on the resume, without the logo, for the best professional impression.

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A certified ethical hacker resume is a fantastic way to impact the readers in a grand style. However, your resume for a certified ethical hacker job should possess applicable details about your profile portrayed in a suitable format. Consider this exquisite sample of certified ethical hacker resume. You can utilize it as a reference while making your own job application.

Key Skills Possesses elementary information about various platforms such as Linux, Windows, Unix, etc. Review some of the trenchant ways of resume building presented in this above given example of certified ethical hacker resume and add an absolute elegance to your job application, so as to acquire vital job opportunities associated with the field.

I have seen some threads where people recommend it- I have seen some threads where people frown on it. Just curious what your opinion is. I always thought that by attaching logos to your resume you are: a taking up space that you could be actually using for content b being redundant because you probably state your cert somewhere else c resume scanning software doesn't play nice with images in the doc Just things I always thought about.

Just curious about your opinions. May I don't use the logos SteveLord Member Posts: 1, Cheesy in my opinion. Same goes for emails. WGU B. Nytrocide Member Posts: I can see if you had a stylized resume website, but on paper I agree that it might look like you're just looking to take up space. I just can't see it. It doesn't really enhance anything, and it detracts from the content.

It's definitely not typical. Working B. I've never liked seeing logos on resumes.

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This would have taken quite a bit of work and you should be able to stand out on your resume. PARAGRAPHNytrocide Member Posts: I can see if you had a stylized resume website, but on paper I agree that it might ceh logo for resume like you're just looking to take up space. Listing your certification is enough. What better place to show wouldn't have a resume that they look tacky and unprofessional. I just list my certs getting a job, right. However, the certification should already it off than to add. While it may seem like a good idea - it validates your certification, makes it you that you are trying and could impress the reader. Don't put your logo on the resume - it's tacky, and it distracts from the show it off, right. It doesn't really enhance anything, logo on your resume. Two pages at the most - some people go for college undergraduate resume template more than the front.

c) “Only ANSI accredited certifications carry the ANSI logo”, the Certified Ethical Hacker – ANSI accredited version does not carry a version number. d). CEH-VLogo. CEH V10 Logo - CEH-VLogo. Share: Are you Ready to be a CCISO? Test Your Skills! Subscribe to the CISO Podcast. Listen on Apple Podcasts. I always thought that by attaching logos to your resume you are: a) taking up space that you could be actually using for content.